And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14b)


For those of you who enjoyed "Dear Abby" over the years, here is the Christian version of her column done by me and sometimes Tracy Dee.  Father thought an appropriate name for it would be "Dear Abba"... isn't He clever?  :-)

If you have questions related to the Scriptures, or personal issues that you would like a Godly perspective on, send me an email HERE. I will post your question, give my answer (from Father's perspective), but will not use your name.

NOTE 1: For women who are members of dating websites, as I am... I have come to realize that there are MANY scammers out there, who are trying to dupe unsuspecting women; I KNOW the signs, and will share them with you if you need to know. Also,, which is an excellent dating site that I am a member of, lists some Safety Tips. I also know every one of the MOs used by these scammers that are listed on their Safety Tips page PERSONALLY and FREQUENTLY.  Please read their tips, and I could add a few.  I have their permission to link their page.  Other good dating sites are,, and (for singles 50+).

NOTE 2:  Scroll down this page past the Scriptures for my LINK BUTTONS.

NOTE 3:  I do the majority of my posting on my Facebook page now, which has become a great witnessing tool for me. If you would like to join, feel free to search for Peggy McIlveene and send me a Friend Request. Our postings there deal mostly with end times prophecy/the Rapture, etc.




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Yohanan 3:16

Romans 10: 8 -10

Revelation 22:20

Mattithyahu 24:23-27

Mattithyahu 25:10










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