The 2 or 3 Days of Darkness Before the Rapture

by Ben Segrest, 5/29/08

In response to a lot of emails please allow me to use this message in response to all by the copy and paste method.   I will use this message from Teresa as the starting point.

“My name is Teresa and have been a watcher for several years. Thank you for your posting on the doves. I just wanted to ask you why do you and Mr. Riley think it is going to get dark for 3 days before our departure. I do hope we have that undeniable evidence in front of our faces so that we "KNOW" for sure that this is it, the moment we've being praying and waiting for. But what makes you think it's for 3 days? I've tried to look back in your previous postings to find you explanation, but perhaps I overlooked it. Would you be willing to share again? Thanks for you time. Watching and waiting, Teresa “

Brother Riley and I have spent many, many of our years looking to Jesus in our life here on earth but we are no different from the saints that have gone on before us.  We claim no special message from God telling us that we have received “undeniable evidence in front of our faces so that we know for sure that this is, the moment we have been praying and waiting for”. 
Our understanding has led us to believe that we understand as much or more than most that Jesus is about to call us home.  That does not mean that we are infallible or that we have far greater insight than others.  But we are as certain as can be according to scriptural understanding and being led by the Holy Spirit of God that the time of the Rapture is here. 
Brother Riley and I have come from two different directions in coming to this point.  We have arrived at the day of Pentecost as the time of the Rapture, but because of discrepancies in dates none of us know that exact day or hour.  Both of us have recognized that God will most probably cause either a two or three days of darkness before the day of Pentecost. That indication comes from a spiritual understanding of the ten virgin parable of Jesus and Brother Reilly’s review of the subject in the entire Bible. 
For me, Jesus has said in the parable of the 10 virgins that a call will go out that the Bridegroom is coming.  I believe that call to be the darkness of the sun for two days prior to the Rapture.  Why?  Because God has established two dark days between each new moon and has set the new moon as the beginning time of months, days, and years on the calendar of God. Jesus set the time of the call when He used the word midnight.  I conclude that the time of midnight in Jerusalem will be the time when the sun will not shine for the two days or the three days as presented by Brother Riley. 
Without going into further detail, let us just wait until June 3rd at 5:00 p.m. and see if darkness falls. If it does, then you will know that the Rapture will be coming soon and you can then prepare your family and friends for the coming event by encouraging them to ask Jesus to save them by filling them with His Holy Spirit.

People will not believe us now, but when darkness covers the whole earth perhaps many of them will consider our witness and come to Jesus.  We will then snatch some out of the fire.

SOURCE: Ben's email