Dear BJ, can you believe
another year's gone by?
It really seems these days
that they've begun to fly!

It seems I've always known you,
my sis in every way,
and that I love you more
with every passing day!

We've been through lots, dear cousin,
but we've grown stronger, too.
You are so precious to me,
in all you say and do!

And we'll be friends forever,
for the Lord we serve's the same;
when He knocked on our hearts' doors,
we called upon His Name.

Dear BJ, can you believe
another year's gone by?
Soon all that will change
in the twinkling of an eye!

Happy birthday with all our love!
Richard & Peggy
April 28, 2004

Those of you who know me, or have talked to me on the phone or in email, KNOW who BJ (Barbara Jean) is!  I was adopted at 2 weeks old, and raised here in Houston.  Daddy's sister, Aunt Gladys Hill, is BJ's Mama (like my second Mama).  When I was growing up, my favorite thing on earth to do was spend the weekend at BJ's house!  BJ was my idol, and I wanted to do everything she did!  She is an excellent "big sister", and taught me SO much about being a girl!  She took bubble baths with me, did my nails and hair... all the things a big sister would do for a little sister!  Though we are no blood relation, we certainly are "heart" relations!  When I became a Christian at 12 years old, we all went to Rittenhouse Baptist Church.  I asked BJ if she would walk down the aisle with me when the altar call was given.  She grabbed my hand, and brought me to the front of the church!  I'll love you forever & ever, BJ!
Have a wonderful, blessed birthday!

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