Our New Office Decorated for Christmas

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Our office moved to this new location at the end of April 2010.  I absolutely LOVE this office!  It's actually a bit smaller than the old office, but it has a more comfortable, family feel to it.  Not to mention, the old location was in a bad neighborhood, and my drive to/from work was 1 hours each way... or longer, depending on the traffic!  I whited or blacked out our company name in each photo, simply because I don't want anyone to know exactly where I work, unless I choose to tell them, for safety's sake.  My coworker, John, took these photos on Friday, 12/10/10.

Love, Peggy


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Me sitting at my desk, talking to a coworker on the phone, in the Lobby area.


Same as photo #1.  Our kitchen/copy room is on the other side of the wall from my desk.  I'll get photos of that room and our conference room later.


The Lobby area again from a different angle.


The Lobby area again.


The hallway leading from the Lobby to the conference room (the darkened room at the end).


Taken from the building hallway, looking into our office.  As noted, our kitchen door is straight ahead, and the Lobby/my desk is to the left.

7 Our hallway, taken from the conference room, looking toward the Lobby.