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Click thumbnails for larger images.  Doug is the man with the white hair and glasses in the photos.

1 - Doug with Pastor Yun (Chinese author of "The Heavenly Man"... Doug is far right, back row, white hair and glasses)

2 - Picture of Pastor Doug with Phil Beach and Joy in their translator for ministry time in L.A.

3 - Hand copied New Testament in Mandarin Chinese‏


NOTE: Most of the audio files that were on this page were located on The Byte Show.  GeorgeAnn Hughes (The Byte Show's owner) has removed them all.  They can now all be found on Doug's website, located HERE.  Russ Dizdar's are probably still located on The Byte Show website, as linked below.

Russ Dizdar's interviews on "Lebensborn" deal with the Nazi breeding program in order to produce a 'super-race'.  The "Black Nobility" deals with the roots of occultism in relation to European Nobility as the "inner core".