Pastor Doug Riggs, 3/16/11

The Watchers Interview with L.A. Marzulli and Gary Stearman ~ Prophecy in the News + PROJECT CAMELOT: MICHAEL SCHRATT (PART TWO)‏

The Watchers Interview with L.A. Marzulli & Gary Stearman (March 4, 2011)

A UFO hovering over the Temple Mount? Alien implants and the doctor who removes them? Captured video footage of otherworldly orbs, real UFO’s, cattle mutilations and abductions? Who else brings this kind of shocking material to the program but L.A. Marzulli?

Note: Reputable researchers have documented that not all ufo phenomenon are manifestations of fallen angels and the demonic.




There are real physical craft that are terrestrial based and a part of various top secret black-ops military projects which are have been in existence since post WWII.  According to physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette, utilizing sub-quantum kinetics which is the science behind antigravity technology, these top secret projects have been categorically denied by our government and other nations who have been involved on an international level and under the control of the New World Order oligarchy of Illuminist as agents of Satan.  According to reports that I have from SRA/DID survivors these craft are currently being employed with their hybrid occupants, under the the deceptive guise as ‘aliens’, to transport these individuals to high level rituals all over the world within a brief period of 2-3 hours!

Doug Riggs

Ps. I do not necessarily endorse the ideological or religious positions of those featured documentaries, such as the one below, which are not representative of a biblical and Christian world view.


This interview is a great overview of the UFO... above top secret black aircraft being developed by our secret government for use in a variety of scenarios. Not the least of which is potentially Project Blue Beam. As an in depth researcher, a self-labeled aerospace historian and someone who has secret sources within the aerospace industry, Michael is a dynamite guy to have on ones team.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
January 18, 2011
Project Camelot Productions