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Email 6:

September 6, 2011

Do you have some more photos you could send for me to share?  I was just disappointed because the sooner that kind of that happens, the sooner we are out of here for good!  I'm so antsy to leave here!
I tried to go to work this morning, but the Sheriff's Office has the exit from our neighborhood blocked yet again... another HUGE wildfire!

Click HERE for map of wildfire.

We live about 7 miles northwest from where it started (Todd Mission).  Every time we have a holiday, some dumbass feels the need to barbecue, even though we're under a burn ban, and have been for many months!  No rain in forever!!!  Last I heard, over 1,600 acres had been burned up!
EXCELLENT new article, BTW!  I finished reading it and have it ready to post tonight.



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