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Email 3:


I think Jesus was born on tabernacles and thus conceived during Hanukkah but many people want to say he was born in the middle of summer, June 17, which has NO meaning to the Jews. what are your thoughts??? I think his birth was in 5 BC Tishri 15. JR Church found a alignment that happened in 7 BC that could have been the star, I donít know what to think on the star anymore, which he said it had to appear in Pisces which the one in 3 BC did not. And 2 years later was his birth. although he points to Tishri 1 I tend to go with Tishri 15 because he came and tabernacled with us.

It seams the closer we get the wilder things get with christians and theories. people want to insist on a Friday death, saying the 3 day and 3 night wasnít to be literal and that the afternoon on Friday counted as a day and a night, and insist Dec 25th had something to do with Jesus. I guess this is the winnowing people talk of that takes place before the rapture.


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