As a father has compassion on his children, so Yahweh has compassion on those who fear Him...

(Psalm 103:13)

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Photos of me and my Daddy throughout my life:  (1) My Christening at about 4 months old; (2) a family vacation with my cousin BJ and her family; (3) the "fish" story; (4) the wedding ceremony held 3 days after my actual marriage to Richard; and (5) anniversary party 2008.  Daddy is now 90 years old, and deeply loved by me, and by the Most High.

Today's Diary Entry

Be sure to read today's Diary Entry where I discuss my Daddy flipped his truck!

Today's Daily Updates


·         Click HERE for very important special note from me. Added 5/4/11

·         Two prayer requests from me. Added 4/20/11; updated 5/11/11

·         Christians Needing Help - Can you help these people?  These are Christians worldwide with special needs... Bibles, donations, jobs, CDs, you name it.  PLEASE check here often and help those you are led to help.  That's a primary goal of a Christian, to help one another.

·         Please continue to pray for healing of my precious Richard's tinnitus. Updated 4/17/11

·         An OTC INSTANT glucose fix for diabetic folks! 

June 3, 2011

Special note:  On postings that I have responded to, the title will be in Blue (on the posting itself, not on this page), so scroll down to the bottom of that page for my response.  Otherwise, the titles will be in black, meaning I haven't responded to that one.  Peggy.

P.S. <- RTP  on this page means that I Responded To the Posting.

This is all I had time to prepare for today; please read special note above.



Peggy McIlveene

Daily Bible Readings - Genesis 34

Peggy McIlveene

Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…  TAKE NOTE... FATHER'S SPEAKING!!!

Peggy McIlveene

Peres: Jerusalem will see peace in our time  RTP... whoohoo!!!

Peggy McIlveene First Time: Temple Mount Priestly Blessing on Jerusalem Day  WOW!!!

Peggy McIlveene

Another pretty scrunchie to crochet...

Peggy McIlveene

Netanyahu on Jerusalem Day: This city is ours!

Peggy McIlveene

Israel’s Coast May Be Gold Mine of Oil, Says Government Expert

Peggy McIlveene

Obama again declares June ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month’

Peggy McIlveene

IDF chief: Israel faces growing range of threats, from 'knife to nuclear'

Peggy McIlveene

Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

Peggy McIlveene

Rising food prices increase squeeze on poor - Oxfam

Peggy McIlveene

Google: With A Single Tap, Your Phone Will Be Your Wallet

Peggy McIlveene

Millions face food poverty as northern Europe is hit by worst drought in 35 years

Eric Casagrande

To Paul Wilson... nudity

Pastor Doug Riggs

SRA Nephilim Mother Update May 31st 2011