ANTI-SEMITISM (hatred for the Jews)

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Anti-Semitic image photographed at a February 16, 2003 anti-war rally in San Francisco

...then I shall gather all gentiles, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Yisra’ĕl, whom they have scattered among the gentiles, and they have divided up My land... then I shall gather all gentiles, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Yisra’ĕl, whom they have scattered among the gentiles, and they have divided up My land. (Joel 3:2, 12)


US Congress angered by continued Saudi boycott of Israel
Congressional leaders outraged to learn Saudi Arabia has not kept its promise to drop anti-Israel trade embargo
Posted 9/23/09

Zbig Brzezinski: Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who enthusiastically campaigned for U.S. President Barack Obama, has called on the president to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?  
Posted 9/22/09

Accusing Jews of harvesting organs becomes a fad
Algerian paper says Jewish organization harvesting organs of Algerian kids; Arab media jumps on story
Posted 9/16/09

Palestinian teen jailed for helping Israel
PA court gives young man 17 years in prison for helping Israeli forces take out wanted Fatah terrorist
Posted 9/16/09

German student fined for waving Israeli flag
Court calls display of Israeli flag during hostile anti-Israel Muslim
Posted 9/14/09

'Israel behind Russian ship hijacking'
The conspiracy theory which names Israel as the mastermind behind the mysterious hijacking of a Russian freighter in July appears to be gaining traction, with the European Union's rapporteur on piracy, Admiral Tarmo Kouts, expressing his support for that version of events. In an interview with Time magazine, Kouts said that the interception of the Arctic Sea, and the ship's subsequent total disappearance before being retrieved by the Russian navy, bared the marks of an Israeli operation, which he termed the most likely explanation.
Posted 9/2/09

'Aftonbladet' editor admits: No evidence
The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, which caused a media stir in recent days with an article claiming IDF soldiers were harvesting organs from Palestinians, published an editorial on Monday denying Israeli claims. "I'm not a Nazi," Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin wrote. "I'm not anti-Semitic." Instead, he described himself as "a responsible editor who gave the green light to an article because it raises a few questions." He did note, however, that the paper had no evidence that such horrific practices were being carried out.
Posted 8/25/09

Anti-Semitic Christians assail New York Jews  <- If they hate Jews, they are NOT true Christians!!! 
Members of hate-filled Kansas church show up in New York to picket local Jewish institutions
Posted 8/12/09

Israel condemned over evictions
The US has led international condemnation of Israel after it evicted nine Palestinian families living in two houses in occupied East Jerusalem. Washington said the action was not in keeping with Israel's obligations under the so-called "road map" to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Jewish settlers moved into the houses almost immediately.
Posted 8/5/09

Obama Termed 'Racist' in Jerusalem Rally
Rabbi Waldman said, ?You are a racist! How dare you tell Jews that they can?t live in this place or in that location?
Posted 7/29/09

Savage: I'm banned because I'm Jewish
Official correspondence, released under the United Kingdom's Freedom of Information law, reveals that U.S. radio talk-show host Michael Savage's name was placed on a list of people banned from Britain in order to provide "balance" to a "least wanted" list dominated by Muslim extremists, and the decision was made "at the highest level of government," the London Daily Mail reported today. Savage is charging anti-Semitism.
Posted 7/27/09

UN troops can stop Israeli cows, but not Lebanese infiltrators
UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon goes out of its way to prevent Israeli cows from drinking Lebanese water
Posted 7/27/09

UK bans Israeli tourism poster
UK advertising watchdog says it received too many complaints over poster implying Gaza, Golan and 'West Bank' are in Israel
Posted 7/16/09

White extremists joining US army to get training, expert warns  <-FEATURE!!! 
A white supremacist's recent shooting attack at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum was part of a surge in extremist activity nationwide, according to Morris Dees. ..."Large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nazi skinheads and others are now learning the art of warfare in the United States military," Dees said. Along with the report, the Law Center sent Congress a letter urging the investigation of how racist organizations are "infiltrating" the military.
Posted 7/13/09

Israel marks 3 years since abduction of Gilad Shalit
Captive's father asks all Israelis to remember his son; human rights group tries unsuccessfully to take out ad in Gaza newspaper
Posted 6/26/09

Jewish students banned from anti-Israel university address
Jewish students at Haifa University were outraged on Wednesday when staff informed them they would be barred from attending a lecture by the controversial leader of the Islamic Movement in northern Israel.
Posted 6/22/09

Pope walks out of interfaith meeting
Palestinian Muslim cleric hijacks interfaith dialogue to harshly attack Israel and call for Muslim-Christian alliance against Jews
Posted 5/14/09

Vatican defends Benedict from Israeli criticism
Critics faulted the German-born pope for failing to apologize in a speech at Israel's Holocaust memorial for what they see as Catholic indifference during the Nazi genocide — a controversy that threatened to overshadow his high-profile pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Posted 5/13/09

The outrage continues
The UN's racist anti-racism conference "Durban II" rammed through a final declaration three days before its scheduled conclusion. On Monday Iranian President Ahamadinejad had opened the substantive program by denying the Holocaust and spewing antisemitism. A day later UN members rewarded Iran by electing it one of three Vice-Chairs of the committee which adopted the final declaration.  
Posted 4/27/09

Iran president makes himself at home in UN hatefest
He began by denying the Holocaust: The "Zionist regime" had been created "on the pretext of Jewish sufferings and the ambiguous and dubious question of holocaust." And he continued with a genocidal agenda: "the egoist and uncivilized Zionism have been able to deeply penetrate into their political and economic structure including their legislation, mass media, companies, financial systems, and their security and intelligence agencies. They have imposed their domination to the extent that nothing can be done against their will.
Posted 4/22/09

Are New York Jews a target if Israel strikes Iran?
Concerns that Muslim extremist groups might retaliate against civilians in New York City's Jewish community if Israel were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities prompted the NYPD to put together a response plan that includes deploying extra officers, including heavily armed "Hercules Teams," to synagogues, Jewish community centers and Israeli diplomatic offices.
Posted 4/7/09

Palestinian Authority forbids selling land to Jews
Top PA judge declares death penalty for any Arabs who sell or even rent property to Jews
Posted 4/3/09

Violent Intruders Attack Brooklyn Synagogues
For the second time in less than a week, a packed Brooklyn, New York, synagogue has been the target of threats of violence by intruders.
Posted 3/13/09

In Yemen: Kill a Jew, pay a fine
Killer of Yemeni Jew ordered to pay light fine, will serve no jail time; lawyer fears ruling will lead to more attacks
Posted 3/4/09

High number of Europeans blame Jews for world's troubles
Nearly one-third of Europeans say high-ranking Jewish financial officers responsible for global meltdown
Posted 2/12/09

Anti-Semitism, Hamas Support Growing in Iceland
Posted 2/4/09

Israel to grant legal aid to IDF troops accused of Gaza war crimes
The government on Sunday ratified a bill granting aid and support to Israel Defense Forces officers in cases where they face suits for alleged war crimes committed in Gaza.
Posted 1/26/09

Hostile reporters ambush Israeli FM in Washington
One reporter calls Livni a terrorist during press conference with Condoleezza Rice
Posted 1/19/09

Israelis tossed from New Zealand restaurants
Banning of Israelis result of biased media coverage of Gaza that leaves Jews looking like blood-thirsty killers
Posted 1/19/09

Protester Calls for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven' at Anti-Israel Demonstration <- Anti-Semitism at its most disgusting!!!
Posted 1/9/09

Florida demonstrator: Jews - you need a big oven' <- This is atrocious!!!
The ugly face of Israel and Jew hatred was revealed on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week as hundreds gathered to demonstrate against Israel's self-defensive war against Gaza's Hamas terror group.
Posted 1/6/09

UN chief tries to block Israeli ambassador's speech
General Assembly president fails to silence Israeli envoy, but let's anti-Israel representatives speak after her
Posted 12/12/08

Arabs crack Jewish teen's skull in Hebron
Jewish boy seriously wounded by Arabs attacking Jewish-owned house in Hebron; Arabs complain when Jews respond in kind
Posted 12/3/08

Doctors: Terrorist Torture of Jewish Victims 'Beyond Words'
Doctors said that Muslim terrorists tortured Jewish victims before killing them. A picture of the revered Chabad Rebbe Schneerson was unharmed
Posted 12/2/08

Mumbai attack reportedly targeted Israelis and Jews
At least 8 Israelis and Jews killed amid horrific carnage at Mumbai Chabad Jewish outreach center
Posted 12/1/08

Pig's head hung at Jewish cemetery in Germany
Some 800 anti-Semitic attacks have been logged in Germany this year alone
Posted 11/21/08

Palestinian PM forgets to mention Jewish connection to Jerusalem
Fayad tells UN gathering that Jerusalem holy to Islam and Christianity, leaves out Jewish connection
Posted 11/14/08

Israelis in Washington, DC come under attack
Vandals spray-paint Nazi symbols in neighborhood where many Israelis live; Jewish children were physically attacked earlier
Posted 9/9/08

Muslims urinate on Torah scrolls in Hebron
Muslims take over Cave of the Patriarch for Ramadan prayers, decide to desecrate Jewish area and hang Hamas flags throughout
Posted 9/9/08

Anti-Israel ads in Washington
Subway system in US capital to host 20 poster ads filled with anti-Israel rhetoric
Posted 5/1/07

Anti-Semitic actions at basketball game get schools' attention
Students at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School will receive sensitivity training as a result of anti-Semitic chants and graffiti during a recent basketball game against rival Norfolk Academy.
Posted 2/28/07

Anti-Semitic attacks jump in France
Posted 2/28/07

Anti-Semitic attacks reported in northern Israel
Formerly Jewish dominated neighborhood in Haifa is today home to Arab majority that is hostile to its Jewish neighbors
Posted 8/27/07

Anti-Semitism at 'worst level since 1936'
Posted 6/18/07

Anti-Semitism on rise in Europe: study
Posted 5/16/07

Attacks Against Jews Double In 2006 Report Reveals
The number of anti-Semitic acts around the world, especially in Europe, registered a large increase during 2006. The number of physical attacks against Jews, including children and adolescents, doubled compared to 2005.
Posted 4/18/07

Book Teaches Muslims to Hate Israel
The images are striking. Palestinian school children caught on tape espousing anti-Israel rhetoric.
Posted 02/20/07

California man told 'Jews need to be killed'
Counterwoman at popular San Francisco grocery store berates regular patron as "just a stupid Jew" after he defends Israel
Posted 7/23/07

Carter stands firm on apartheid accusations against Israel
Despite the storm it ignited, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter held fast on Thursday to his accusation that Israel oppresses the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza and seeks to colonize their land.
Posted 3/12/07

Dozens of Jewish tombs damaged
Posted 4/3/07

Fear of the Jews motivates Anti-Semitism
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to “wipe Israel off the map.” Why? Could he be afraid of Israel, the nation that comprises less than one-one thousandth of the world’s population? Pharaoh, Haman, Nebuchadnezzar, Titus, Hitler and the leaders of the Inquisition did everything in their power to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. Why? Fear and dread.
Posted 4/2/07

Fear the Jews, not the Islamofascists (by Jan Markell)
There is a man gaining credibility and national attention and he troubles me greatly. He claims to be an evangelical Christian and heads what is known as the "National Prayer Network." He is fighting hate-crime legislation, which gives him an open mike on dozens of radio talk shows. I cannot judge his heart as to his statement that he is a brother in the Lord, but I can tell you that Ted Pike is a man to watch if you love Israel.
Posted 5/22/07

Fire Damages Geneva's Largest Synagogue
The blaze struck on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates Moses' receiving of the Torah from God. There have been incidents of anti-Semitism in Geneva recently, including graffiti scrawled on another Jewish house of worship.
Posted 5/25/07

French Jews flee Muslim extremists
''Dad,'' she told him, ''now even if it's hot I have to wear a scarf to hide my Star of David,'' while riding the Paris Metro.
Posted 3/14/07

French Jews flock to area
South Florida is experiencing an influx of Jews who fear persecution in France.
Posted 3/13/07

German Bishops Rile Holocaust Memorial
Posted 3/12/07

Google Earth map marks Temple Mount Palestinian
Gaza Strip also 'Israeli occupied,' even though Jews withdrew in 2005
Posted 1/17/07

Irving denies gas chambers existed at Auschwitz
Holocaust denier says Auschwitz was a tourist attraction, there was no proof it ever had gas chambers
Posted 1/26/07

Jewish teacher killed in 'ethnic' attack
Posted 5/15/07

Jews flee homes after Muslim death threats
The Jews said they feared for their lives. It was disclosed they had been forced to pay special taxes that Islam imposes on Jews and Christians in return for protection and security.
Posted 1/24/07

Jimmy Carter: Too many Jews on Holocaust council
Former president also rejected Christian historian because name sounded 'too Jewish'
Posted 1/26/07

Jimmy Carter Interceded on Behalf of Nazi SS Guard
The letter, written and signed by Carter, asked that Sher show “special consideration” for a man proven to have murdered Jews in the Mauthausen death camp in Austria.
Posted 1/19/07

London Mosque DVD: Jews Face Mass Extermination
Posted 1/15/07

N. American Jewish Sites Bombed and Vandalized Over Passover
A Jewish center in the Canadian city of Montreal was targeted in a bomb attack, and a synagogue in San Francisco, California was defaced with swastikas during the first days of the Passover festival.
Posted 4/9/07

No moving Jewish lips in prayer on Temple Mount, says Dichter <- How utterly ridiculous!!!
Posted 1/4/08

Palestinian teens loot Jewish cemetery
Three youths steal iron candle holders off graves; incident received almost no press coverage
Posted 6/27/07

Roseanne blasts Zionism, claims to follow Jesus
Comedienne calls Israel a 'walled-in ghetto'
Posted 5/7/07

Speaker of PA Legislature: Kill Every Last Jew & American
Posted 5/4/07

Squalor and shrinking hope for Ethiopian Jews
Posted 3/29/07

Survey finds 28 pct of Israeli Arabs deny Holocaust
Posted 3/22/07

Swiss Synagogue Fire Set Deliberately
Posted 6/4/07

Wave of hatred concentrates on Jews in Britain
Posted 2/6/07

'Wave of hatred' warning as attacks on Jews hits record high
Posted 2/2/07

YEMEN: Local Jews live in fear after death threats
Posted 1/30/07

Yemen's Jews latest victims of northern conflict
Posted 5/10/07

Yemen's Last Jews Threatened and Banished
Jews in Yemen have been abruptly targeted by a local sheikh, told they were "moral destroyers," and ordered to "leave or else" - and some have. Jewish "sages" have been killed, one woman reports.
Posted 1/29/07

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