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"And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. "But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months" (Revelation 11:1,2).


Rabbi Elyashiv: Don't go to Temple Mount
Head of Lithuanian haredi stream tells President Peres, 'According to halacha Jews forbidden from going to Temple Mount…beyond halachic aspect, it could lead to bloodshed' Peres says in response, 'Your position must be heard'
Posted 10/13/09

The Temple Mount "Is Key To Israeli-Palestinian Peace"
Here we go again. As Jews celebrate in their tens of thousands the festival of Booths, Succot, religious extremists like Sheikh Raed Salah incite Palestinian masses to recapture Jerusalem with "blood and fire." Not to be outdone, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah rushed in to pour fuel on the fire as it protests a "plan by Jews to perform religious rituals" on the Temple Mount,' and called on the international community to "force Israel to put off its attempts to take over Jerusalem." So as Israel struggles to stop the stone throwers' verbal assaults, and the next spate of resolutions, it's worth reminding the world that ever since the Six Day War in 1967, when Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem, millions of people have safely streamed to the Western Wall to offer their prayers and insert hand written supplications to the Almighty. While most visitors shedding their tears adjacent to Judaism's holiest site - the Temple Mount - are Jews, not all pilgrims are. Witness Pope John Paul II inserting his own kvittel (written prayer) within the Wall's cracks; pilgrims from Africa, tourists from Indonesia, Swamis from India, Evangelicals from the Americas, Buddhists from across Asia - all come and go to the Wall.
Posted 10/13/09

Temple Mount Tensions Rise; Fatah, Hamas Call Muslims to Act
Thousands of police officers have deployed in Jerusalem Friday in advance of Muslim prayers on the Temple Mount. Police are on high alert following a week in which Muslims rioted in and around Jerusalem, as Muslim and Arab leaders accused Israel of attempting to harm the al-Aksa Mosque atop the Mount.
Posted 10/12/09

Elyashiv: Jews mustn't visit Temple Mt.
Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, considered to be one of the greatest living Jewish law experts, has reiterated his previously expressed opinion that it is halachically forbidden for Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount. Elyashiv told this to President Shimon Peres on Thursday when the latter visited him in his succa in Jerusalem's Mea She'arim neighborhood.  
Posted 10/9/09

The factor behind the Temple Mount riots
With police mobilizing to secure Jerusalem following days of Palestinian rioting, it is instructive to offer some context for clashes that have been taking place on the Temple Mount and at scattered sites throughout east Jerusalem.  
Posted 10/9/09

Jewish prayers on Temple Mount 'a violation of international law' <- Who CARES????
Head of Arab League incensed after learning small group of Jews held brief prayer session at Judaism's holiest site
Posted 8/26/09

Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty
The Middle East peace plan that United States President Barack Obama will unveil soon involves the creation of a Palestinian Authority state by 2011 and the transfer of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem [presumably including the Temple Mount - ed.] to Arab-Muslim sovereignty  
Posted 8/25/09

Hundreds of rightists to attempt Tisha Be'Av Temple Mt. ascent <- You GO, Israel!
Hundreds of right-wing activists are intending to attempt to march up to the Temple Mount next Thursday morning, Tisha Be'Av, in protest of the US demand to cease construction in east Jerusalem. ..."We're concerned that in the end, the Temple Mount will be part of a Palestinian state, with US backing," he told the Post. "We will say to [US President Barack] Obama, 'Get your hands off Jerusalem and the land of Israel!"
Posted 7/24/09

PA Peace Plan: Iran to Share Rule over Temple Mount <- FEATURE!!! 
Posted 5/22/09

Pope arriving at time when Christians are leaving
Posted 5/7/09

Israel's Control of Mt. Zion in Danger <- FEATURE!!!
Posted 4/29/09

Will the Jews return to Temple Mount? <- FEATURE!!!
Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler speaks from the Temple Mount (video)
Posted 3/24/09

Police Arrest Temple Institute Director <- Is this ever harrassment!!!
Around 1 PM, Glick, who stands out in a crowd with his full shock-red beard, was suddenly approached by policemen, who told him they wanted to question him about his acts of "instigation and provocation," and then promptly arrested him and led him to a paddywagon. 
Posted 10/20/08

Good News at the Temple Mount
With so much upheaval around us, here is a bit of good news that should lift our spirits as we prepare to mark Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.
Posted 10/8/08

Israel set to help Muslims carve Quranic verses on Temple Mount
After three years of waiting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert quietly has granted permission to the Muslim custodians of the Temple Mount to repair and enhance Quranic verses plastered around Judaism's holiest site.
Posted 9/22/08

Hamas television broadcasting from Temple Mount
Terrorists' openly covering daily Ramadan prayers from atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount; police refuse to say if Hamas has permission for broadcasts
Posted 9/9/08

Jews in the Temple Area: A "Mount"-ing Controversy
Several of Israel’s leading rabbis have fired the latest shot in one of modern Israel’s longest halachic disputes—whether a Jew may enter the Temple Mount today.
Posted 8/25/08

Dome of the Rock 'erased' from Temple Mount
Religious movement’s Tisha B’Av pamphlet shows Temple Mount minus Muslim sites; group chairman says hopes al-Aqsa will be obliterated altogether, not just through Photoshop software
Posted 8/18/08

Is Temple Mount God's time bomb?
Was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem more than a place of worship? Was it, indeed, a roadmap to future events – a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery? That is the contention of an explosive new book that asserts it has "deciphered Isaac Newton’s greatest paradox: None other than 'the unified field theory' of Bible prophecy."
Posted 8/15/08

Joseph Good gave a live web-cast on the Internet last night.  LISTEN TO IT ON AUDIO!!!  This deals with the spiritual aspects of what is now happening with the Temple Mount! Visit the link above and click on the live listen links. There are also supplemental photos to accompany the web-cast (scroll down that page).
Posted 9/10/07

Silence in the Face of Continued Temple Mount Destruction
Posted 9/10/07

3,000 Policemen Guarding Temple Mount
Posted 2/19/07

5,000 march around Jerusalem's Temple Mount
March is a monthly event, though usually draws far smaller numbers; held one week before Ninth of Av, marking destruction of First and Second Temples
Posted 7/18/07

Archeologist: Ancient cistern proves location of Second Temple
An Israeli archeologist said Wednesday that he has pinpointed the exact location of the Second Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount... These considerations led Patrich to place the Second Temple further to the east and south than earlier thought, and at a southeasterly angle relative to the eastern wall of the Temple Mount, and not perpendicular to it, as earlier assumed.
Posted 2/9/07

At Temple Mount Holy Site, What Is Treasure?
The story behind the rubble includes an underground crypt, a maverick college student, a white-bearded archaeologist, thousands of relics spanning millennia and a feud between Israelis and Palestinians which is heavily shaped by ancient history.
Posted 11/20/06

Ayatollah Blasts Construction Work On Temple Mount
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Wednesday called on Islamic nations to retaliate against Israel for its construction work near the Al-Aksa Mosque compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, state television reported.
Posted 2/8/07

Discovery of Ancient mosaic halts work at Jerusalem walkway
Posted 2/19/07

Dome of the Rock: Target of Muslim Extremists?
Collapsing the Dome and Al-Aksa may trigger a war.
Posted 5/1/07

Ex-chief rabbi opposes new moves to visit Temple Mount <- Get a load of THIS article!!!
"Next year we will visit the Temple Mount together, with the ash of a red heifer, without arguments and without questions."
Posted 5/18/07

Groups plan Tisha B'Av protest on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Temple Mount devotees are planning a mass pilgrimage of Jews to the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av, the fast day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples.
Posted 7/7/06 

Hamas tried to take over Temple Mount
Terror group poured money into renovation projects and charities in order to gain control over most holy site
Posted 7/5/07

Hamas's plans for Temple Mount foiled
"Their goal is to gain full control over the Temple Mount," a high-ranking Shin Bet official said Monday. Hamas, he said, has also tried to infiltrate its members into the Temple Mount as part of the maintenance and religious staff who care for the site and preach, give tours and teach Koran classes there.
Posted 7/5/07

Higher than the Al-Aqsa Mosque
Nearly 25 years ago, Rami Zayit, a scribe from Kiryat Arba, and Jerusalem architect Gideon Harlap, drew up the plan, "Mivneh Negev." The plan was to open the triple gate in the southern part of the Temple Mount (the Hulda Gates) and to transform the subterranean spaces of Solomon's Stables in the southeastern part of the Temple Mount into a prayer area for Jews.
Posted 11/6/06

Iran's Khamenei urges Muslim revenge for Jerusalem dig
Posted 2/9/07

Israel allows minaret over Temple Mount
Olmert consents to Muslim prayer tower while denying Jewish plans for synagogue
Posted 2/2/07

Israel okays renewing controversial Mughrabi excavation near Western Wall
Posted 12/28/07

Israel rules area near Temple Mount off-limits to Muslim burial
Police have prevented Muslim burial at the foot of the Temple Mount for several months, as Public Security Minister Avi Dichter responded to pleas to reserve the area as a significant archeological site.
Posted 5/30/07

Israel to delay work at holy site
Controversial construction work near the holiest site for Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem is to be put off to allow public consultations, officials say.However, preparatory excavations are continuing, despite riots by Muslim worshippers last week.
Posted 2/13/07

Israeli Police Ban Conference on Holy Site
Posted 3/2/07

Israeli Police on high alert for Friday prayers
During the assessment it was also decided to tighten security measures for Friday prayers and police will only allow Muslim men over 50 with Israeli ID cards to enter the site. Women previously enjoyed no restrictions but after they participated in last week's riots it was decided this week that only women aged 40 and over will be allowed in.
Posted 2/19/07

Israel Runs Live Holy Site Internet Feed
Posted 2/19/07

Israel Urged to Halt Archaeological Work
A UNESCO panel has urged Israel to immediately halt archaeological work at a Jerusalem holy site that has angered Muslims around the world.
Posted 3/16/07

Jews demand right to pray on Temple Mount
Posted 12/28/07

Jews urging Christians to save Jewish Temple
The Christian world and top U.S. Christian leaders are being urged to petition the Israeli government to immediately halt a massive dig Islamic authorities are conducting on the Temple Mount – Judaism's holiest site – that is said to be destroying antiquities and what archaeologists believe is a wall from the Second Jewish Temple.
Posted 9/5/07

Jordan Plans New Temple Mt. Minaret
Israel has not objected to Jordanian plans to construct a fifth minaret on the Temple Mount, and the Hashemite Kingdom is pressing ahead with plans to do so early next year, a senior Jordanian official said Wednesday.The minaret, which will be constructed on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount near the Golden Gate, will at 42 meters be the highest of the minarets on the Mount and the first to be built in more than 600 years
Posted 10/13/06 

Jordan quietly gaining Temple Mount control
Posted 3/16/07

Largest Priestly Blessing Crowd Since Temple Mount Liberation
A record number of Jews gathered Monday at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City for the traditional massive Birkat Kohanim, priestly blessings.
Posted 10/10/06

Man Arrested for Blowing Shofar at Western Wall <- This is atrocious!!!
Shades of the 1920's: A Jewish man was hauled off to the Old City police station in the middle of prayer for sounding the shofar during Rosh HaShanah services at the area known as the Kotel HaKatan.
Posted 9/26/06

Messiah's Gate (Sha'ar Harahamim)
The doors have been sealed for hundreds of years and it is said that they will remain so until the coming of the Mashiach (Messiah). According to tradition the Mashiach will enter Jerusalem from the east. The Arabs believed he would come through Sha'ar harachamim. Hoping to prevent the redemption of the Jews they blocked the passageway with great stones.
Posted 7/25/07

Monthly Encirclement of the Temple Mount
The renewal of the ancient custom began nearly four years ago with a small group, and has since become a very popular event. The marchers express their desire to identify with the Temple Mount by circling the holy site - stopping to pray and sing at each of the gates.
Posted 7/7/06 

Moslem Inciters Accuse Israel of Undermining Al-Aksa

Muslims continue protests over work at holy site
Posted 2/12/07

Muslims rip up Temple Mount, archeologists protest
The Muslim overlords of Jerusalem's Temple Mount began hacking a deep trench into the holy hill earlier this week as a prelude to more extensive infrastructure work on the mosques that currently occupy the compound.
Posted 7/16/07

Olmert spurns bid to reconsider Jerusalem dig
Israel said the holy places would not be harmed by what it called an attempt, mandated by law, to salvage artifacts before construction of a pedestrian bridge leading to the complex known to Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount.
Posted 2/9/07

Police, rioters clash on Temple Mount
Police forced their way into the Temple Mount firing stun grenades at Muslim rioters who hurled stones at policemen in protest at renovation work near the complex shortly after Friday prayers ended.
Posted 2/12/07

Q&A on the Temple Mount with Dr. Eilat Mazar
Posted 2/21/07

Rabbis Split On Temple Mount Synagogue Plan
Any attempt to build a synagogue on Jerusalem's Temple Mount would immediate plunge Israel into horrible bloodbath, warned Tuesday MK Ibrahim Sarsur, head of the southern wing of the Islamic Movement..
Posted 10/13/06

regarding the Temple Mount
Concern has been raised in Israel that Islamic terrorists such as Hamas or Al-Qaeda may target the Muslim shrine of the Dome of the Rock or Al-Aksa Mosque, both of which sit atop the site of the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Posted 5/10/07

'Renew animal sacrifices on Mount' says radical rabbi
(With Passover coming up what will happen?) - - - Stein vowed that "we will try to carry out animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount this Passover, as commanded by the Torah."
Posted 4/3/07

Shofar Blower barred from Temple Mount <- How infuriating!!!
Israelis concerned sound of Jewish instrument offensive to Muslims congregating at holy site
Posted 9/29/06

Synagogue Planned For Temple Mount, Hashemites to Add Minaret
MK Uri Ariel (National Union) is drawing up plans to construct a synagogue on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site. Jordan's King Hussein plans to build a fifth minaret on the site as well. The synagogue would be build upon the Temple Mount, but in an area that is indisputably not within the areas that require immersion and other preparations, according to Jewish law.
Posted 10/11/06

Temple Denial vs. Archaeology
This began on the ninth day of the Camp David summit [in the year 2000], when Arafat subjected Clinton to a lecture of staggering historical revisionism. His central argument was that the biblical temple never existed on the Temple Mount or even in Jerusalem. Arafat baldly asserted that 'There is nothing there [i.e., no trace of a temple on the Temple Mount],' further insisting that 'Solomon's Temple was not in Jerusalem, but Nablus.'
Posted 5/16/07

Temple Mount Controversy Continues
Record numbers of Jews have ascended the Temple Mount since a large group of religious-Zionist rabbis issued a public call to visit Judaism’s holiest site in accordance with Jewish legal strictures.
Posted 5/18/07

Temple Mount Re-Opened to Jews <- HalleluYAH!!!
Now that calm has been restored in the area, and in the wake of strong pressure by Jewish groups, the police have once again opened the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors.
Posted 2/23/07

Temple Mount Truths
Despite the fact that the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site, much of the media has stressed its importance to Muslims (the third holiest behind Mecca and Medina) while ignoring or downplaying the very legitimate Jewish religious and historical connection to the site, which preceeds Muslim attachments by 1500 years. Despite ridiculous Palestinian claims that a Jewish Temple never existed on the site (which would negate both Jewish and Christian history), its identity with the location of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute.
Posted 2/15/07

Temple's Western Wall to be built in Berlin <- How very cool!!!
Posted 7/27/07

Tension High at the Temple Mount
The clash between Israel and the Islamic world, between the Bible and the Koran, has a cosmic focal point— the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As the site of the two biblical Temples, it is the holiest place in Judaism. But today it is home to the Mosque of Al Aksa and golden Dome of the Rock, ostensibly the place where Mohammed ascended to heaven, though the Koran never mentions Jerusalem by name. It is the third holiest place in Islam.
Posted 4/2/07

Top archaeologist blasts Israeli inaction as Islam 'takes over' Judaism's holiest site
The Israeli government is "doing nothing" while the Muslim custodians of the Temple Mount discard Jewish artifacts and attempt to turn Judaism's holiest site into an exclusive prayer zone for Islam, a leading Israeli archeologist charged today.
Posted 2/8/07

UNESCO to examine dig near Jerusalem shrine
Posted 2/26/07

Violence At Jerusalem Holy Site
Israeli police have entered the area surrounding Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque to break up stone-throwing Palestinian protesters. Police poured into the disputed holy site in Jerusalem's Old City, firing rubber bullets and tear gas.
Posted 2/12/07

Work Starts Near Jerusalem Shrine
Work has begun to repair an ancient mound near Jerusalem's holiest site, raising tensions between Palestinians and Israelis. The Israeli authorities say the work is needed to restore a walkway leading to the al-Aqsa Mosque or Temple Mount compound in East Jerusalem.
Posted 2/8/07

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