Low Fat Chart


What You Can Eat

When following a low saturated fat and cholesterol diet, enjoy an abundance of grains, vegetables, and fruits, which are all naturally low in saturated fat and free of dietary cholesterol. Choose a variety of lean meats, skinless poultry, low fat and nonfat dairy foods, and heart-healthy fats and oils. This chart can help you make food selections that are kind to your heart.

When shopping for low fat food products, look for these labeling buzzwords: light, reduced fat, low fat, and nonfat. The following are some food options that can help you make leaner choices.


Food Groups Higher Fat Choice On the Leaner Side
Grains, Bread, Cereals, Pasta, and Rice Bakery muffin, large Bagel with cream cheese Small, low fat muffin, Bagel with light cream cheese or low fat cottage cheese
Fruit Fruit topped with cream All fresh, canned, or frozen fruits
Vegetables Avocados, Baked potato with sour cream and butter, Broccoli with hollandaise sauce, Creamed spinach, French fries Use smaller amounts, Baked potato with light sour cream and light margarine, Steamed broccoli with fresh lemon, Steamed or fresh spinach, Baked fries
Dairy Foods Ice cream, flavored, Ice cream, chocolate, Pudding, Regular cheeses, Whole milk, Whole milk yogurt Low fat or light ice cream, Chocolate sorbet, Low fat pudding, Reduced fat cheeses, Skim or low fat milk, Low fat or light yogurt
Meats & Meat Alternatives Baked beans with pork, beef hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, eggs, fatty luncheon meats: bologna, salami, chicken roll, fried chicken, ground beef, hamburger, lean ground beef, lobster Newburg, prime ribs, refried beans, sausage, pork, short ribs, spareribs, tuna packed in oil Canadian bacon, vegetarian baked beans, low fat beef or turkey hot dogs, grilled chicken breast, skinless chicken drumsticks, egg whites, egg substitutes, lean luncheon meats: roast beef, turkey, chicken breast, baked skinless breaded chicken, extra lean ground beef, veggie burger, lean ground turkey, steamed lobster, filet mignon, low fat refried beans, chicken or turkey sausage, sirloin steak, tuna packed in water
Fats and Oils Margarine, butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, sauces made with cream, vegetable oils Light margarine, light butter, light mayonnaise or mustard, light salad dressings made with evaporated milk, use less vegetable oils
Sweets Apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies Baked apple, angel food cake, gingersnaps

- By Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN. Blake is a nutrition professor at Boston University and a nationally known writer, lecturer and nutrition expert.

SOURCE: Food Network