Marrying & Giving In Marriage

Author unknown (found on a blog site), posted 4/5/06

Ok I'm going to go a biblical route on this because I realize that some people won't hear anything unless you mention "bible." If I gave an opinion that is strictly outside the Bible, I might be laughed at for what am I about to say. I'm going to go the Bible route not necessarily because I believe in the Bible rnitrely, but for the sake of those who won't read a thing I hav eto say unless I consult the Bible.

Ok, in Matthew chapter 24 verse 38 we read where Jesus states that prior to his return, those days will be like the days of Noe (Noah). Normally when this is mentioned, people begin thinking rape, murders, pillaging, wars, unruly children, lawlessness, etc, but it is interesting Jesus NEVER once mentioned any of these things as "signs" (other than wars) that precedes his coming. You can read the whole chapter for yourself to see. What he does point to as being synonymous with Noah's day was marriages and the subsequent revelry that accompanies them. But one then has to ask, "but what was so wrong with mariages? Why were they the key issue in Noah's day and why does Jesus use only that as a significant sign of his return?" Some say, "oh well, those marriages were unequally yoked, etc." Well we all know that BEFORE Noah's day and after and up to the present, people have been marrying people not equally yoked with them and the world has carried on just as it always have so what could have been so bad and wrong about the marriages in Noah's day to trigger Jesus to use marriage as a sign of his return. Well this is where it gets interesting so stay with me please.

In order to even know what Jesus was talking about, you have to go back to Genesis 6. We read there that the "sons of God" (called angels in the Old Testament) saw the daughters of men and saw that they were fair (for wives) and picked from amongst them and eventually mated with them. Their union produced a hybrid race known as giants, who were the renowned men of old. In other words, they became the heroes of ancient myths and legends. This incident is elaborated on even more in the Book of Enoch found in the Ethiopian Bible where were are told that these angels (200 total) were known as "watchers," assigned to monitor the affairs of men on the earth. They eventually became enamored with the mortal females, made an oath amongst themselves, left their posts and swooped down to earth to bag the mortal females whom they married. They then taught the women all the "secrets" of heaven such as witchcraft, how to abort unborn babies, how to use plants for spells, etc. The knowledge they imparted led men to corrupt themselves until the earth was filled with evil as we read in Genesis 6 which prompted God to issue warning of a flood.

It was these 'marriages' Jesus referenced when he spoke of the "last days" being like the days of Noah. They were not normal human marriages. They were marriages between two entirely different types of beings and to compound matters, they bred the mortal women and produced a race of beings outside the normal cretive order. These beings were neither all human nor all divine. They were practically souless, unlinked to God as the father determines the sex and bloodline of a child. What we ar enot sure of is if they had normal sexual relations with these women or used some form of genetic engineering to perform this feat - in other words, cloning of some sought.

Now, imagine those days. Beings come down from the sky, clothed in a captivating beauty, powerfully built, etc. They are unlike anything seen before, preyin gon the gullibilty of the women of the day. In our modern terminology, we would call them "aliens" and their mode of transportation (if they used any) would have been called UFOs. In fact, the Hebrew word used to describe them is nephilim which means, "fallen ones" or "those who fell" (from the heavens). In the Sumerian tongue they care called the Anunnaki which means, "those from [the] heavens who came to earth." Just imagine what it was like to live in the days of thise visitation. The Book of Enoch states they came down (descended) from the heavens and landed on Mt Hermon in Israel and "Hermon" means "desolation." Mount Hermon then flows into the Jordan river and one of the meanings for "Jordan" is "place of descent."

The troubling thing is that Jesus states that there will be a repeat of these marriages prior to his return in order for it to be reminiscent of Noah's day. This then means that supernatural beings have to either return to earth for this to happen or they might already be here. Some say the anti-christ will be of this type of union between one of these "alien" beings (most likely satan) and a mortal woman. In fact, if you watch sci-fi movies, like the recent Alien Vs Predator you will note that Hollywood is aware of such a return of "the gods" back to earth and their return will mark trouble on this earth unlike any before, but reminiscent of Noah's day. If you believe in the Bible, then "aliens" (be they angels or demonic beings) visiting the earth is not all that unbelievable.