Medical Breakthroughs

Breast Cancer

Israel one step closer to curing cancer
Scientists discover mechanisms that control growth and spread of breast cancer, opening door to possible anti-cancer medication
Posted 8/10/07

Adjustable Breast Implants
Right now, more than 2 million women in the United States are living with breast cancer. Many of these women have had major surgery to remove parts or all of their breasts. Now, a new twist on breast implants can have them looking and feeling better than ever.
Posted 4/17/07

Attacking Advanced Breast Cancer
When breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body, it can be deadly. Now, a new drug stops advanced breast cancer from progressing and even reduces the size of tumors.
Posted 8/2/06

Better Breast Cancer Treatment -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
Rebecca Moroose, M.D., explains a new drug combination for advanced breast cancer that is just as effective as chemotherapy but without the side effects.
Posted 9/6/06

Black Women: Higher Death Rate for Breast Cancer
Black women have a lower rate of breast cancer than white women but suffer a higher mortality rate. Now, a new study reveals when younger, premenopausal, black women get breast cancer, they are more than twice as likely as older women -- black or white -- to get an aggressive breast cancer.
Posted 6/7/06

Breast Cancer: Tamoxifen or Raloxifene?
New results from the STAR trial -- Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene -- reveal both drugs are effective in lowering breast cancer risk among women considered at high risk for developing the disease.
Posted 6/6/06

Burn-Free Radiation
Posted 1/30/07

Drug Cuts Recurrent Breast Cancer Risk in Young Women
Posted 5/4/06

Help for Lymphedema
A surgeon has developed a new procedure to prevent a painful side effect of breast cancer treatment.
Posted 3/23/07

How to get More Women in for Mammogram
A new study reveals if these women got their health information from someone more like themselves, rather than a doctor or a nurse, they would be more likely to get a mammogram.
Posted 9/6/06

Long-lasting Breast Cancer Fighter
The breast cancer-fighting benefits of tamoxifen last well beyond the time patients spend taking the drug.
Posted 2/22/07

Long-Term Estrogen Use Increases Breast Cancer Risk
New research reveals the longer a woman uses estrogen therapy, the higher her risk is for breast cancer.
Posted 5/9/06

New Imaging May Reduce Repeat Breast Cancer Surgeries
Posted 4/27/06

Newer Chemotherapies Improve Breast Cancer Outcome
Posted 4/12/06

Pomegranate Seed Oil Causes Breast Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct
On the heels of the discovery by Israeli researchers that pomegranate juice has antioxidant properties, another Israeli team has found that the fruit could have important implications for breast cancer treatment and estrogen replacement therapy.
Posted 12/18/06

Preventing Early Breast Cancer Recurrence
New research reveals boost radiotherapy could stop the very early stages of breast cancer from recurring.
Posted 7/10/06

Treatment Order May not Matter for Rare Breast Cancer
Women who develop a rare and especially deadly form of breast cancer may be somewhat reassured to know it may not matter which treatment they receive first.
Posted 6/20/06

Zapping Away Cancer -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
Nancy Mendenhall, M.D., explains how electron radiation therapy provides a safer alternative for treating cancer.
Posted 5/1/07