Medical Breakthroughs


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Baby Brain Cooling -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
In babies who have sustained moderate to severe brain damage, in the past, I simply couldn't do anything more than support those babies. You know, I can support them with ventilators, I can support them with nutrition, I can support them with the antibiotic, I can support their blood pressure -- all of those things I can do, but there was nothing I could do to be able to diminish and decrease the change when it comes to the brain damage.
Posted 9/5/06

Breakthrough for "Bubble Boy" Disease
For people born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), exposure to seemingly harmless germs can be deadly. But breakthroughs in stem cell research bring new hope to the search for a cure.
Posted 12/14/06

Children's Disfiguring Facial Infection Preventable
The infection can quickly destroy the face and mouth of young children and can be fatal if not treated early. The World Health Organization considers noma a health priority.
Posted 7/10/06

First Treatment for Genetic Disorder
Good news comes from UCLA, where there's now a first-ever treatment for the deadly genetic disorder Hunter syndrome.
Posted 4/17/07

Knifeless Surgery for Kids
Another heart-touching story this week is our report on knifeless surgery for kids, in which our producer interviewed Kenny, the second child patient to receive gamma knife treatment at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
Posted 3/28/07

Knifeless Surgery for Kids -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview

Amanda Yaun, M.D., explains how the Gamma Knife is making brain surgery easier on kids.
Posted 4/24/07

Possible Cause for SIDS Discovered
Brain abnormalities may be the cause of sudden infant death syndrome -- the number one cause of death in infants between 1 month and 1 year of life.
Posted 11/2/06

Tamiflu may get 'psychotic behavior' warning for Children
Food and Drug Administration officials still don't know if the more than 100 new cases, including three deaths from falls, are linked to the drug or to the flu virus or a combination of both. Most of the reported cases involved children.
Posted 11/14/06