Medical Breakthroughs


Bloodless Surgery Takes Off
Posted 4/25/06

Bypass Surgery Roadmap
The SPY system allows him [the doctor] to fix a bypass while patients are still on the table, sparing them from another surgery or angioplasty.
Posted 5/30/06

Commandos Field Test ‘Plasma Knife’
Nobody ever said the Light Saber was a practical weapon – it’s no match for a good blaster, if you ask me – but it exerts a powerful fascination. Special Operations Command have “completed ongoing testing and field evaluation studies” of the next best thing, according to a Pentagon budget document. It’s a Plasma Knife which cuts through flesh with a “blade” of glowing ionized gas. But rather than being a weapon, the Plasma Knife is a surgical instrument that could save lives. Prompt medical care has proven extremely effective at reducing the mortality rates of combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. A policy of basing medics as far forward as possible and carrying out essential treatment before transfer to a full medical facility has reduced the chances of dying from battlefield injuries from 25% during the Korean war — to just 10% today.
Posted 10/16/09

Cutting-Edge Surgery Education
Surgical training is going high-tech. Using synchronized audio and life-size video, surgical students can be in a classroom and feel like they are in the operating room.
Posted 5/26/06

Surgery Without a Knife
But seven incision-less surgeries have already been performed in India, and Dr. Hazy thinks we may have these types of surgeries being routinely performed in the United States within the next five to ten years.
Posted 6/11/07