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All-Natural Menopause Relief
Hot flashes, mood swings, even depression. Symptoms of menopause can be harsh. And since researchers found hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases the risk of cancer, stroke and heart attack, women aren't left with many options.
Posted 02/20/07

Help for Hot Flashes
Posted 5/3/06

Help for Underactive Pituitary Glands
Posted 5/15/06

Hot Flashes Linked to Insomnia
Hot flashes can be a frustrating part of life for menopausal women. Now, researchers say they have a related side effect to deal with -- insomnia.
Posted 6/28/06

HPV Testing Finds Precancerous Lesions Better than Pap Smears
Cervical cancer can be successfully treated if caught early. If precancerous cells are detected, it can even be prevented.
Posted 6/7/06

HRT: Setting the Record Straight
Once, hormone replacement therapy was hailed as the end to the misery of menopause. But in recent years, many doctors have been turning away from the treatment as more and more reports of the negative side effects surface. Is HRT really as bad as some say it is? Or is it even worse?
Posted 7/4/06

In-Vitro More Cost-Effective Than Artificial Insemination
For some couples trying to get pregnant, in-vitro fertilization may actually be more cost-effective than artificial insemination. A new study from researchers in England reports the less-expensive option, artificial insemination, must be repeated many times for some couples, making it more expensive.
Posted 6/27/06

Painless, 3-D Mammograms
Graham has created a new type of CT scanner that provides a 3-D image of the breast. Traditional mammograms provide only a 2-D image and can be painful -- compressing the breast and distorting the image.
Posted 2/27/07

Painless, 3-D Mammograms -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
Dr. Tornai talks about a new 3-D approach to mammograms, which offers more accuracy and less radiation than the standard mammogram.
Posted 3/28/07

Seizure Drug as Effective as Estrogen for Hot Flashes
New research from the University of Rochester in New York reveals the seizure drug gabapentin -- sold under the brand name Neurontin -- is as effective as estrogen in treating menopause symptoms.
Posted 7/5/06

Shrinking Uterine Fibroids

a story about an unlikely approach to treating fibroids, which involves the controversial drug RU-486
Posted 5/1/07

Silicone Back on the Market -- But Safety Still Questioned
The FDA has given the green light for silicone breast implants to be sold again -- 14 years after the agency banned them. But many doctors still question the safety of silicone, citing concerns that led to the ban in the first place.
Posted 11/23/06 

Soy Reduces Postmenopausal Bone Loss
There may be a safer alternative to help maintain bone density than hormone replacement therapy. A new study reveals soy germ isoflavones reduce bone loss in non-obese postmenopausal women. These findings support previous research.
Posted 7/10/06

Surgery on the Smallest Patients
Baby Arissa Mangewala is healthy now, but her parents expected the worst before she was born. Doctors discovered a birth defect where her intestines protruded outside her body. She had the first of five operations when she was only a few hours old.
Posted 1/30/07

Tick-Tock! How Fast is Your Clock?
The biological clock ticks for every woman. How fast or how slow it goes is different for each one of them. Now there's a new way for women to know if they're running out of time, before it's too late to have children.
Posted 6/27/06

Video: All-Natural Menopause Relief
Hot flashes, mood swings, even depression. Symptoms of menopause can be harsh. Now, researchers may have found a treatment that works and is safe.
Posted 2/22/07