Not Every Thing is as it Seems

by Rick Wynn


Hello Doves,

This letter is a portion of a letter response I sent to someone who thought I should vote for Obama.  I thought I would also share with you my response to her.  I included also some excerpts from my EBook that some of you may have read before in my previous letters.  Perhaps you will allow them to be reminders whereas you may warn others. 

Hello ___________,  

You wanted me to shoot you an email so here is my position on the presidential race.  I won't go into a debate over which candidate is better because that really isn't the issue.  Anyway, just remember, you asked :-)

This may not be what you expected, but consider the information.

Concerning the presidential race, not everything is as it seems.  As I said before and emphatically state again, there is no way that Bush is coming out of the White House. My sources say (though I have not been able to confirm this yet) in addition to a Czech Republic News website that as of last night, news had already begun to circulate that McCain has stated that he is willing to step down from the presidential race and has requested Obama to do the same in order to help solve the ever-growing economic financial recession in this country. 

It is a fact that Bush called both Obama and McCain to the White House yesterday (9/24/2008).  The sources say that Obama declined McCain’s offer.  It will not matter however because in a few days, mark my words, Bush will address the nation and bring the presidential race to a halt, eventually cancelling it indefinitely.  We are no longer talking about a president here.  Many executive orders were signed and implemented during Bush’s tenure in the White House.  Though this happened right under the public’s nose, no one was paying attention.   There is a declaration bill under PDD-51 that was signed and implemented by the Bush administration.  By signing this bill, Bush was able to declare himself Dictator of the United States of America .   

Very shortly, (a few days from now) something tremendous is going to happen that will literally alter the world as you have known it.  This alteration will not be a good one.    Make no mistake about it; there will not be a 2008 presidential election.  There are many more things happening in the world and in this country than the elite will ever allow the media to tell.  People only know what they have been told and will only believe what they have been told by those they deem as an authority.  The problem is that those in authority are using the people’s ignorance to their own advantage.  They are pulling the wool over the people’s eyes.  Another however will have His justice over them.

Everything you see happening around you in the world from the food shortages, which the media has been silent about to the “global” financial crisis, to the treaties being drawn up to split up Israel and those repercussions, to the mortgage situation, failing insurance and banking institutions, the government “bail out,” and ultimately the imminence of WWIII—which the media also isn’t talking about, is not a coincidence.  All of these things and others have been engineered.  The question is by who and for what purpose?  

Before you can even begin to embark upon the explanations, you must be willing to focus on what is really important.  What’s important is not the elections.

I don’t have time to explain it all, but I will give you a few nuggets to consider and from there, research it out yourself.  What I am telling you is verifiable truth.  Take a journey down the rabbit hole if you dare, but be warned it goes pretty deep.  I must warn you also that my views are from a Christian perspective, whereas I understand the prophetic implications and significance of that which is happening.  I understand the underlining agenda shared by the Republicans and Democrats alike at high levels.  Again, not everything is as it seems.  Very soon, you will know exactly what I am talking about even if you don’t understand or believe it now.  Between now and the next 7 years, the world is going to become a very strange place.

Even before November hits, the presidential elections will be the least of your concerns.

Here are a few items you can review and make your own conclusions. be sure to watch particularly this video from beginning to end. This particular meeting that did take place was to discuss in secret the state of martial law that will be implemented in this country in 2008—probably before the end of October.

“For the first time in the nation’s history, an entire army brigade is being positioned on U.S. soil to be used against Americans in the advent of a terrorist event, or civil unrest.”

Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks...

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1
By Gina Cavallaro - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Sep 8, 2008 6:15:06 EDT


Don’t be surprised if by mid October, you happened to see armed military personnel patrolling the cities around the country. What could the military really be preparing for in our own homeland?

There are two front reasons the elections will be cancelled.  First, Bush will issue a countrywide state of emergency due to the collapses of the American financial and banking system.  He is expected to make some sort of announcement by October 5, 2008.  Something else however will even take precedence over this—the rapture. Second, if Israel strikes Iran , if this country is invaded or if there is even the slightest hint of invasion or war, Bush will implement marshal law.  What are the odds that this will in fact happen before “November 2008?”

Because of his antics in the White House, some in Congress attempted to have Bush and Cheney impeached where upon they threatened Congress that they would strike Iran from the air and declare martial law if the impeachment process were to continue.  Needless to say, congress backed down.   

There is a ton of information floating out there that is verifiable pertaining to this.  All one has to do is look.

This next bit of information doesn’t have much to do with the elections in a direct sense, but conveys much about what your government doesn’t want you to know.  This is an excerpt from my book “It’s Not About You” – vol. 2 The Heart of Matters:

Excerpt 1:

I believe that the vast majority of Americans along with the multitudes of people throughout the world today are pawns in a game played by a very small, yet elite group.  Their agenda is to bring about separation and division causing mayhem in order to establish their New World Order.  A divided country will eventually fall.  They know that the people of this country will not stand for a one-world dictatorship, thus this country is strategically being brought down from the inside. 

When people think of terrorist, they are not only taught through mind control to look in the wrong places, but also they have been conditioned to remain in a perpetual fear. Pick up a newspaper, watch the daily news and see for yourself what the vast majority of news is talking about today.  What are they repeating over and over and over?  They are repeating “terrorism” or “terrorist” in the Middle East .  When the Twin Towers were destroyed in New York and the Pentagon struck, the media bombarded our minds with terrorism.  Resulting from all the propaganda funneled into the world, most people naturally think of the Middle East when they think of terrorist, but who’s pumping out all the propaganda?  I wonder what comes to the minds of the people in the Middle East when they think of terrorism.  Perhaps they think of the United States . 

The enemy bombards people’s minds with influential, yet deceitful information and then overcomes them by way of their own thoughts.  In other words, the people of the world are being strategically controlled through a manipulation of their thoughts.  Conditioned to look toward the wrong direction, it becomes impossible to see the real threat coming from the opposite direction or shall I say from within. 

Unbeknownst to most, there is a silent war going on right in this country.  American citizens are being affected in every facet of life.  Foreclosure for instance, is happening on a scale unprecedented to any other time in the history of the United States .  Economically, the middle class American is literally being exterminated and this will not stop until only two classes exist—the elite and the slave whom the elite will control.  Perhaps you may be thinking that such a thing is far fetched.  Stay cognizant of world events however by keeping a watchful eye and you will inevitably see many things that I have spoken of and even more events unfold right before your eyes.  Jesus forewarned us about these events. 

If you have already been paying close attention to what has been going on in the world, perhaps you have already figured out that countries around the world for centuries have been warring and conspiring within and against one another for the sole benefit of removing and replacing leaders. These new leaders have different agendas than such as the loyalty toward the nations they supposedly serve.  Their loyalty is to “their superior” who is not necessarily of their country or even this world.  Their sole purpose in leadership is to tear down the nations subtly in order to establish their New World Order, but make no mistake about it they will also do this by brutal force if necessary. 

Excerpt 2:

If Satan is the god of the world system and hates everything the Almighty God stands for, then it stands to reason that he would manipulate the world system in order to deceive and confuse the people who live by it so that they cannot hear from nor have understanding of God.  People need to realize how deep the deception Jesus spoke about actually runs.  People tend to assume that they are not deceived, for deception is often invisible on the surface level of our understanding.  The core of deception, however, exists far beneath the surface level.  At such depths, it branches out in every direction, literally infiltrating every facet of human life and thought.  The unaware do not even realize that such things actually exist.

The world, as it is today, unbeknownst to the majority of its inhabitants, is literally surrounded by the enemy.  The enemy has infiltrated all governments in every country across the globe.  He has connected himself to every judicial system, educational system and has even shaped the majority of our customs, traditions, and religions.  He also uses the media to plant his ideas and logic into the minds of people while distorting reality, inducing fear, and promoting doubt.  In addition, he controls what people see, hear, learn, and even retain, through the media, for he controls the media.  He has maintained a diabolically strong impact on social and cultural foundations and has infected our local, state, and federal authorities, scientific understanding, agriculture, medicine, and even the culminate technology today shaped out of yesterday. 

For decades, the enemy’s insignia has even been stamped on the back of our American currency.  The eye of the pyramid, which is known as the all seeing eye in conjunction with the inscribed words “In God We Trust” is the recognition of the sun god Horus who is actually an entity of Lucifer or Satan, and not The Almighty God as so many have believed. 

The evil comes from underneath the earth and even rains down from the sky, for even the clouds in the sky are not always what they appear to be—some clouds that form in our skies are actually formed by the plumes of chemicals sprayed through an exhaust apparatus on a jet and are known by many as deadly “chemtrails.”  For hours, these plumes do not dissipate like the common “contrail,” which is essentially frozen ice particles from the moisture of a jet’s exhaust, but eventually fans out creating a cloud that literally blankets the sky.  Simply take the time to look up and see this for yourselves.  In some climates, a sunny blue sky, for instance, can become overcast causing temperature drops, drizzle, rain, and even storms.  Some would argue that the third leading cause of death today is the very air that you breathe.  If this is true, could such pollution emitted into our skies at very high altitudes have anything to do with this? 

Why would they do this?  Weather modification?  Yes, but there is more. (Google: Project Blue Beam)

Who has the power to carry out such an operation literally around the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?  It is certainly not the president of the United States or any single government in the world.  This signifies that there is an agreement among governments—even those who war against each other—but who leads them under such agreements?  There is also the consideration of dangerous fluoride, carcinogens, and other deadly toxins, which we drink in our water.  Did you know that just about every other country under the sun has banned the use of fluoride, yet it flows in plenty in the United States , right in our water supply?  Who put it there and why?  Perhaps only time will tell, but God has seen every iniquity even in the hearts of those who perform such evil deeds believing that their plans of destruction are forever hidden in secrecy. 

Excerpt 3:

In comparison to the great Holocaust during WWII, the events that will soon transpire will be far worse.  Martial Law will become the way of life in this country and throughout the world.  In fact, many do not know that this country has actually been under Martial Law since the Civil War.  This truth has been kept secret from the public.  The declaration of martial law was never rescinded after the civil war ended.  When the constitution was first drawn up, safeguards against despotism were implemented.  These safeguards represented three branches of government that would serve as a check and balance mechanism toward each perspective branch. Overall, the three branches of government would maintain a balance preventing an overthrow of one branch by another.  The Legislative would write laws, the Judicial would interpret the laws, and the Executive would decide policy and enforce the laws.  In the event of war or a threat to national security, martial law could be implemented, which would turn all power over to the residing president.  He could then implement Executive Orders, which are laws written and implemented by the President himself. 

Though executive orders of the President have to be made known to the public before they can be enforced upon the public, orders written by other areas of the Executive Branch government do not.  Today, by the orders of the President, the Executive Branch of government other than the White House is writing and implementing laws that do not have to be reported, reviewed or made available to the public.  In fact, according to law, they don’t even have to disclose that such laws exist.  What this means is that laws are being imposed upon you that you don’t even know about—yet.  Such laws can subvert the constitution entirely abolishing your rights. Therefore, our great Constitution of the United States of America could eventually cease where the people would no longer have rights. 

One can clearly see even now how the rights of the people are ebbing away.  Freedom of speech will eventually be a thing of the past.  Freedom to praise and worship God will be outlawed.  Everything needed to orchestrate such an order is already in place and taking place around the world.  Consider the recent vote of same sex marriage in the state of California .  The people voted against it, but the Supreme Court overruled and passed the law regardless.   What does this say about the government’s concern about what the “people,” whom the government supposedly serves, want? 

The majority of U S citizens for instance, are unaware that in the year 2005 President George Bush signed an agreement that would merge the United States , Mexico , and Canada as one entity erasing all borders.  Thus, we are technically no longer the United States of America , but the North American Union.  This arrangement was not only unannounced to the public, but also unregulated by Congress.  Due to the total removal of sovereignty of these countries, the government has allowed a new currency to be created called the Amero.  Stay on the watch for this new currency where very soon you will be required to exchange all your money into this currency.  The world is moving towards a one-world banking system.  This is why the collapses of economic structures around the world are happening “at the same time.”  There are no coincidences here.  All of it has been engineered and it is smoothly working like a well-oiled machine.  In addition, by default of agreement between these countries the American Constitution is now obsolete. 

You would think that such disloyalty to the American people by our own government at the highest levels would create a protest of anger and outrage from American citizens, yet this did not happen. It did not happen because this event never quite made it into the media—that is, at least not on any kind of noticeable scale. No one knew that this agreement between these leaders took place. Only one reporter (Lou Dobbs) from CNN Live reported it.  No one else did.  Perhaps CNN was “permitted” to report it in order for those backing the agreement to test the waters with the American people just to see what they would do.  Nothing was done about it and neither was there hardly a blip about it in newspapers around the country.  Even some three years later, very few have even heard about the North American Union or the Amero for that matter.  Word is just now beginning to surface.  Who owns and governs the media? 

The powers behind this movement are the same powers controlling the media.  In other words, the public is not told what they are not supposed to know.  If this sounds strangely to you like the European Union and the Euro, rest assured that this is not a coincidence.  The same motive is involved here. The North American Union is the same concept as the European Union, African Union and Asian-Pacific Union, etc.  The book of Revelation prophesied that the world would be split up into 10 regions (ten kings) in the end days and that they would turn all power over to the one who will lead the entire world as dictator, aka, Antichrist or Beast. 

The countries and regions around the world are merging into unions.  These unions are multiplying into the 10 regions that will cover the globe.  This is happening right now. Those who developed the European Union are the same people who are behind them all.  The center organization that orchestrates and governs these World Unions is the United Nations.  The United Nations is the rebirth of the Roman Empire .  The coming one world leader will emerge from this empire. When the time is right these unions will merge into one forming the final stage of the one world government, which is the New World Order.  They will turn all their power over to the man of perdition or the beast who will rule the world.  Perhaps this information gives you a strong clue as to how close we actually are to that day. 

As the world continues to head toward the climatic peak or showdown between Christ and Satan, such events of worldly deception will neither slow down nor cease.  The world will not get better; it will steadily become worse.  The deceptions and evil in the world will continue to escalate until Jesus intervenes.  He said that without His intervention, there would be no flesh left alive anywhere on earth.  Look around you and see for yourself what is happening, not only in the realm of politics, but war, famine, pestilence, food shortages, global financial recession, supers storms, sudden climatic changes, earthquakes, awakening volcanoes, the melting polar ice caps, water shortages, and utter lawlessness. Those who follow Christ should rest in the assurance and power of Christ, for He has already delivered them unto eternal life and liberty. 

Satan instigates wars between countries for instance, by pitting the people against one another.  Manipulatively, he plays a sympathetic role to each side, yet in secret arms them both with weaponry so that they may annihilate each other.  Even some world leaders whom you may perhaps least expect are involved in these conspiracies.  They are luciferians (they do not acknowledge their leader as Satan, but Lucifer.  This is exactly what the connected secret societies of whom is the highest order in the world under Satan, for example, have been doing for centuries in every part of the world right under the nose of people, all for the benefit of establishing the new world order that will usher in the beast who is the antichrist. (Obama and McCain both belong to these illuminati fraternities, as does Bush, Cheney, Gore, Kerry, and the list goes on and on) They serve an oath not you.  The oath they take they keep to their death. 

[Also on that note: Royal Blood Line is very important in the circles of the Illuminati.  It may be interesting to note that Cheney’s wife admitted live on MSNBC that Obama and Cheney are actually 8th cousins: ]

I would venture to say that Bush knew he would be in office at least 10 years prior to his term.  I would also venture to say that the race between Bush and Gore was a sham.  All of it was engineered.

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots in history to figure such things out, yet very few have connected the dots.  The rest continues to sleep.  Thus, the inner secret societies have gone unnoticed and undetected for centuries because they have camouflaged themselves within and behind the very ideologies of man, which they created and injected into the world through deception and mind control.  Like their leader, they are stealthily cloaked.  Their highest elite are the wealth behind the wealthiest.  Their power extends beyond the most powerful in the world, for they are the unseen shadows who control the most powerful in the world.  If you really think that Bush is calling the shots in the White House, you had better think again. Even many in power today who are known in the public arena are beginning to speak more outwardly about this “New World Order.” They are taking their masks off.

[The most recent government “bail out” plan is one of the most heinous abuses of power yet whereas still they had the audacity to suggest that it is every American’s patriotic duty to foot the bill.  Clearly, we see the enemy creating the problem to crack the economy bringing the entire country to its knees and then simply offering the golden solution, which will only serve their own diabolical means.]

Excerpt 4:

The evil structures of Satan remain invisible because the majority of the people in the world refuse to believe anything lacking tangible or empirical evidence.  They refuse to believe anything that the government or media did not tell them.  They refuse to believe anything their eyes cannot see, yet Paul the Apostle said that we do not war against flesh and blood, but against that which is invisible (Ephesians 6:12).  Even though the evidence is overwhelming, desensitization, entertainment, programming, mind control, and perhaps most importantly, information control is effectively used to divert the minds from the truth.  People had better wake up and understand that others are guiding them and they don’t even know it. 

These evil influencers don’t want your children to be educated, they don’t want you to “think” too much.  This is why our country has been so proliferated with mass media, entertainment, adult entertainment, television shows, amusement parks, computer games, recreation, drugs, alcohol, and every other kind of entertainment under the sun—including religion, designed to remove you from any notion of critical thinking, let alone establishing any true relationship with God.  They don’t want you to get in the way of their agenda of control and the establishment of their New World Order.

Satan’s goal is to destroy God’s people and he does this through the degeneration of their minds by deception.  God however, gave those who are born-again the mind of Christ to overcome the devil’s deception.  Greater is the power of Christ who resides in them, but most Christians refuse to obey God by not seeking or reverencing Him.  They do not trust God and thus ignore His power within them.  Therefore, because they lack discernment they too are snared like the sinner by the evil deceptions injected into the world through today’s technology.  What is even more unfortunate about this is that the sinner’s escape is through the Christian who has the remedy from God.  If the Christian is rendered ineffective due to his lack of relationship with God, then the sinner is lost.

End of excerpts.

As I said before, there is so much more than what meets the eye.  The vote for either candidate is a vote for the lesser of two evils.  Because I serve God, it is not my place to vote for either.  An evil tree cannot bear good fruit.  I hope this sheds a little light on things.  Time is short but if you want more information, let me know. 



Doves, the shofar is being blown.  Every person on earth is passing before God in judgment right now. It is time to take your sights off the world and get your hearts right with God.  As Pastor Riley so eloquently stated, “When the Jewish new year begins at Rosh HaShanah, ‘grace’ is over, and the ‘dispensation of LAW’ will be reinstituted for Israel .” That is our cue to be up and out of here.

May God’s blessing be upon you all!

We’ll rejoice together with Christ in the air!

Your brother in Christ forever,

Rick Wynn