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I don't know if we will know before the Rapture who the Antichrist will be, but it makes for interesting conjectures, don't you think?

Excerpt from Jim Bramlett's 12/9/04 commentary on the Sanhedrin:

After sending my message the other day about Solana, I learned that the name Javier means light, or enlightened, and Solana means sun, or sunshine.  Whether or not he is the antichrist, could he be the special end-time emissary of Lucifer, which means "light-bearer"?

POEM: Don't Ever Take the Mark

"... he [the Antichrist] shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change times and laws ..." [Dan 7:25]


Who Or What Is The Antichrist?
Many people have written articles and books, preached sermons and even spoken on prime-time television to give their opinion of exactly who the Antichrist may be and from where he originates. My purpose in writing this book is not to suggest the name of a particular person today who might possibly exhibit the characteristics of the one known as the Antichrist in the end times. Rather, I am sure that Satan himself is the Antichrist, and I believe he will manifest in a certain person during what Scripture terms the “end times,” but I am also confident that in the last days an antichrist system will adversely influence the world to be anti-Christ. This antichrist system targets God’s children and seduces us to believe lies concerning not only ourselves but also God. It is this system of Satan, or his demonically inspired structure, upon which I base this book. When focusing on the Antichrist, most Christians consider the end time effects of the person who will seek to lead the world “anti” Christ. I believe, however, that the spirit of antichrist has been at work since the beginning of time. It was working when Eve was in the Garden, and it has been working to lead God’s people away from Him ever since.
Posted 10/20/09

Does the Bible forecast the 'Mahdi'?
In his book, Richardson, a student of Islam, exposes Western Christians to the Muslim traditions. He says most Christians have no idea of the stunning similarities between biblical Antichrist and the "Islamic Mahdi."
Updated 8/12/09

Tony Blair: 'I’m a planet-saving kinda guy'
The former PM has a new green masterplan: it won’t mean giving up our energy-rich lifestyle but it will cost us billions
Updated 7/8/09

Building a New World Order for the Man of Sin
Events unfolding since 9/11 portend a near future in which a man of superior intelligence, wit, charm, and diplomacy will emerge on the world scene as a savior. He will seemingly possess a transcendent wisdom that enables him to solve problems and to offer solutions for many of today’s most perplexing issues. His popularity will be widespread and his fans will include young and old, religious and non-religious, male and female. Talk show hosts will interview his colleagues, news anchors will cover his movements, scholars will applaud his uncanny ability at resolving what has escaped the rest of us, and the poor will bow down at his table. He will, in all human respects, appeal to the best idea of society.

Added new photo to Antichrist Picture page.
Updated 1/26/09

Antichrist Picture
TO Nancy regarding her 1/22/09 posting on 5 Doves (Antichrist picture), have you noticed the resemblance between these two men?
Updated 1/23/09

Has Antichrist Arrived? (by Jon Christian Ryter)
Did Antichrist quietly arrive in the Mideast with the coronation of King Abdullah II of Jordon on June 9, 1999? Or, was he born into the soul of a charismatic Kenyan-American Muslim Barack Obama, whose pseudo-celebrity status has given him messianic standing with American idiots with hat-size IQs who worship iconic sports-figures and Hollywood trash-celebrities, and who can't distinguish the difference between a leader and a glib-tongued snake oil salesman?
Updated 10/10/08

The 27 Characteristics of the AntiChrist
Updated 9/22/08

The Reformation of Islam
In any case, what the King of Saudi Arabia is doing appears to be setting the stage for the coming Peace Covenant of Daniel 9:27, which brings an end to the wars of the Middle East that have claimed the lives of many American soldiers, the many wars that have filled our television screens since the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948. 
Updated 6/20/08

Barack Obama
All sorts of strange things about Barack Hussein Obama!  Really spooky!
Updated 4/14/08

The 12th Imam - Islam's False Messiah
In the four wars that Arab armies fought against Israel since the founding of the state (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973) their motto was: “Drive the Jews into the sea!” Now, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is demanding that Israel be “wiped off the map,” and the Palestinian Prime Minister, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.
Posted 4/2/07

666 wrong number of prophetic beast?
Posted 5/9/05

Antiochus Epiphanes
Posted 10/10/05

Bill Clinton: Saviour of the world?
Posted 9/13/05

Clinton Launching First Global Summit
Posted 9/16/05

EU for inclusion of India, China in global diplomacy
European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana has called for the inclusion of countries like China and India at the high table of global diplomacy.
Posted 02/20/07

EU Parliament Chair 666 (by Cutting Edge)
Posted 1/24/05

The EU's Solana to the Middle East (by Mike Mickey)
Posted 1/10/05

EU's Solana To Visit Mideast Friday, Amid Increased Fighting
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana will travel Friday to the Middle East, a spokeswoman said, as Israel decided to hold off expanding its ground offensive in southern Lebanon to give another chance to diplomatic efforts to achieve a cease-fire. 
Posted 8/11/06

The Genealogy of the Antichrist (by Chuck Missler)
Posted 1/18/05

...Hasten the Coming of the Hidden Imam
Posted 4/27/05

How will the Antichrist deceive the world?
Today, many realize we are living in the "End Times" - The "Latter Days", when world events will culminate in the fulfillment of Biblical end time prophecy. The time of Apostasy and Great Tribulation - The time of Anti-Christ!
Posted 5/30/07

In Pictures: Iran Celebrates Imam's Birthday
Tehran was lit up on the eve of the birthday of the 12th Imam, known as the Mahdi. He is said to have gone missing in the 10th Century but is expected to return.
Posted 9/12/06 

Is the Antichrist Among Us? (by Irvin Baxter, Jr. of End Time Ministries)
Mr. Baxter goes into the FACT that the Antichrist is truly ONE MAN (via Scripture), and goes into five different men he thinks MAY become the Antichrist.  He gave this sermon in 1999, so things have changed greatly since then.  For instance, he had mentioned Arafat as a possibility.  The man he narrows it down to is a definite possibility.

Javier Solana
Posted 12/16/04

Javier Solana - Antichrist? (by Chris Perver)
Please note before reading. I am not saying Javier Solana is the Antichrist. All I am trying to do here is compare well known prophecies in the Scriptures concerning the Antichrist and the feats he will accomplish, with public knowledge of the man, Javier Solana.
Posted 2/19/07

Javier Solana & the End Times
THE HOLY BIBLE makes it clear that no one knows for sure the hour or the day of Christ's return in the End Times, but the current convergence of events may be one of the signs we are in the latter days. Relevant to this, one might take note of the activities of Javier Solana de Madariaga of Spain, whom I recently described in Part 2 of a NewsWithViews column about the Dialectic.
Posted 9/7/06

Javier Solana to participate in the Arab League Summit...
Posted 3/21/05

Jordan urges U.S. to lead Arab-Israeli peace drive
Jordan's King Abdullah pressed the United States on Tuesday to step up its mediation role to broker a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord, complicated by a power-sharing pact including the Islamist Hamas movement.
Posted 2/22/07

Jordan's King: Europe Has Role In Ending Mideast Strife
Jordan's King Abdullah II said Wednesday that Europe has an essential role to play in helping to end fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas based in southern Lebanon. During a visit to Finland, the monarch said he was looking to work closely with the European Union "to bring about a process ofdialogue,negotiations between Israelis, Palestinians; Israelis and the Arabs."
Posted 8/11/06 

Jordan's king: Israel Must Choose 'Fortress' Or Peace
Jordan's King Abdullah II says Israel must choose between mentality of 'Israel the fortress' or 'living in peace and security with its neighbors' ; Abdullah interviewed on Jordanian state TV ahead of US trip
Posted 3/5/07

Jordan's king urges Rice to push peace process
King Abdullah of Jordan warned U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday that failure to get Middle East peace talks moving quickly could lead to worse violence, officials said.
Posted 1/16/06

Maitreya saw another opportunity with the tsunami
Posted 4/16/05

Messianic madness of nuclear Osama
Posted 10/24/05

More on Javier Solana
Posted 12/17/04

Moshiach has Arrived (The Rav Kaduri)
Posted 4/27/05

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time. (Daniel 7:25)

The New Sabbath According to Orlev <- FEATURE!!! 
One bill would change the length of the traditional Israeli weekend; the second would change its character.  If passed, they will also change the way Sabbath is traditionally observed in Israeli society, both in the religious and secular populations.  
Posted 5/15/07

Palestinians call on Solana to recognize unity
Posted 2/21/07

The Rising False Prophet of Antichrist!
Posted 5/6/05

Solana: It's time for action in Mideast
The Madrid + 15 Peace Conference concluded Friday with a decision to put the peace train back on track during the first half of 2007.  
Posted 1/15/07

Solana: Stage Being Set For 'Comprehensive Peace'
Developments in the Middle East are pointing toward a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Arab world for the first time in decades, the European Union's foreign policy chief said Saturday. "The Arab League for the first time in many years has assumed the responsibility to be more active in the peace process," Javier Solana said.
Posted 4/3/07

Solana: Time To End Occupation
The European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said following a meeting with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah Thursday that “the Palestinian people have suffered and suffered a lot, and it is time that the occupation that started in 1967 is over.” "That is the objective of the Road Map," he said, referring to an internationally drafted plan which seeks to create a Palestinian state living in peace alongside a secure Israel, but has been largely dormant since its inception in 2003.
Posted 10/30/06

Solana, EU's 'Good Cop' Takes Stage
The European Union was so deeply divided before the Iraq war that its foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, locked himself in his nondescript office in Brussels, declined all requests for interviews and avoided diplomatic missions to the Middle East. Looking back on what he called the darkest moment of his seven years as the EU's top foreign policy official, Solana said in a recent interview that representing the divergent voices of 25 countries required knowing when to be invisible..
Posted 8/14/06

Solana due to begin ME meetings on Wednesday
EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana is due to arrive in the Middle East Wednesday for a round of meetings with leaders in Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel.
Posted 1/17/07

Solana to visit Middle East for Palestinian elections
Posted 1/8/05

Solana Warns Of Worsening West-Muslim World Ties
EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana Friday warned of the worsening situation in the Middle East which could effect relations between Europe and the Muslim world.
Posted 9/11/06

Solana's Deal  
The man presenting the deal to Iran is known. And, there's reason to believe the deal may even be his. The man I'm talking about, of course, is the EU's Javier Solana.
Posted 7/24/06 

Spain & the New Rome - Update 2005 (by Jamma Mokhriby)
Posted 4/28/05

Spiegel interview with Javier Solana
Posted 7/13/05

What's wrong with this picture???
Posted 9/27/05

Who Is Maitreya?
Posted 10/10/05