These prayer requests are sent to me by fellow believers who realize the power of prayer. As Christians it is our charge, as instructed by our Lord, to "Pray for One Another". He tells us that as born again believers, whatever we ask for in His name, shall be given to us. Please join us in praying for the needs of our brothers and sisters in Yahshua! If you have a request, you can submit it to us using the button near the bottom of the page. We update this list daily, so lets all use this power of prayer! Yahshua HaMashiach! Due to space constraints, I am showing only a month's worth of prayer requests.  If you need a previous request re-added, please resubmit, and I will be happy to add it again!  

Baruch Haba Bashem Adonai... Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!  Peggy

But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-15

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Date:  12/10/12 <- NEW!!!

Made by:  Paul Wilson

Nature: (Paul's words) it is coming up on 4 years since my mom’s baby brother, my uncle, died. she could really use your prayers for comfort.

Date:  9/14/12

Made by:  Pastor Riley

Nature: Morgan’s boyfriend’s grandmother, Kaye Juhl, passed away this morning.  She had bone cancer.  She was 65 years old. Please pray for Matt, his mother, and Matt’s entire family on his mother’s side.

Date:  8/23/12 , latest update 9/28/12 

Made by:  Kamie (via Deborah & Paul Wilson)

Nature: (Kamie’s words) Please pray for my 1 year old great nephew. He has had a stroke and is in the hospital. He has been sedated and is gradually being brought out of sedation. Thank you!

8/26 Update: (Kamie's words) Thank you for your prayers & Jane thank you for your encouragement. The babies name is Auden. He had a stroke and went into seizures that could not be stopped. He was airlifted to children's hospital and has been sedated to stop the seizures. When they bring him out of sedation his siezures start up again. They have done all kinds of tests and so far everything has come back negative - which is good. Now they are testing for menangitis (sp?) and other blood related concerns. He also developed a bad fever, which I believe has been dealt with medically. His family are believers (with the exception of one). They are also exhausted. He has a feeding tube as well right now. Pretty traumatic for everyone. I know he is ultimately in Jesus hands and I also know that Jesus hears the prayers of those who love him. Please send up a prayer for this precious baby. Thank you for your faithfulness and for this site.

8/27 Update: (Kamie's words) I don't know how to word this. Yesterday I went to Children's Hospital  to see the family and my 9 month old great nephew, baby Auden. Seeing Auden broke my heart. He has so much fear in his eyes. His little body is never still but jerking all the time, making it very difficult for him to sleep. He has a cough. He has a horrible contraption in his nose that leads to a big tube over his head. His mom and dad are exhausted and the whole family are leaning on God but still broken for this suffering child. Oh Dear Lord hear our prayers and comfort & heal Auden. There is definite brain damage in the emotional centre of his brain from the stroke. It's the part of the brain that sends the signals to your body parts to move when you tell them too. That's why his body is jerking all the time. They are also unsure if the part of the brain that tells the throat to swallow is functioning. His throat is all swollen because of the tubes that were down it. It is possible that the brain will rewire itself - that is my prayer! My heart is broken but I'm trusting Jesus. Please keep praying for this precious wee lamb of God.

8/31 Update: (Kamie's words) Following is an email from my brother regarding his grandson (my great nephew) baby A. Please continue to pray. Prayer is what we are leaning on right now! I know I will never meet the many who pray until we are in the air but your faithfulness to lift a sister in Christ's family member to the Father means everything! A tough morning, this morning as our little guy seems to take periodic steps backward.  The latest MRI (results just in), show additional brain damage in 2 new sites as well as the original one.  We can’t figure out yesterday’s MRI that showed no damage – other than they suspect it was just a failed test.  Who knows?  Well, only God knows, but we’re holding onto faith and hope.  His lungs are better, and that’s a good thing.  His breathing is stronger, though still assisted.  Unfortunately, his movements are more pronounced today, and this seems kind of cyclical.  The challenge is to not surrender to fear when things appear to worsen.  We trust Him with our faith and our little grandson, no matter what.  In the metaphor of the storm, we don’t want to put too much stock in the occasional tsunami, or the occasional smooth patch.  Our faith is neither in storms nor in good weather.  Either way, our eyes are on the Lord.  So, it’s back to our knees, prayer partners.  Your support continues to be a great source of courage.  Pray for the parents as they absorb this latest blow, and as they try to figure out what to do about the “ordinary” side of their lives – work, bills, home, etc. – during this marathon.

9/6 Update: (Kamie's words) Results are preliminary, but nearly certainly accurate, that dear Auden suffers from an extraordinarily rare genetic disorder known as Alpers disease. Alpers is a rare genetic defect that few carry, and requires 2 carriers as parents, and for affected dna to combine at conception. All of those crazy things happened, and before we even knew he existed, Auden had it. The disorder affects the cells' ability to replicate properly the mitochondrial DNA - which is the "engine" of each cell. So, as the child grows, he outstrips his limited ability to supply energy to his growing and multiplying cells. It is especially cruel, because it allows months or sometimes years of perfectly normal life before it manifests. (On the other hand, we are so grateful we had 9 months of perfectly normal babyhood in which to enjoy him, and wouldn't trade a day of that.) Little Auden was growing so rapidly and potently, that his cells couldn't keep up the pace. It affects the brain first because that's where most of the electrical energy in the body is needed. It is progressive, largely untreatable and fatal. Prognosis is from days to maybe a few years. Unless the seizures abate, it is probably very short term for Auden who may have already suffered too much brain damage to stabilize.

9/28 Update: (Kamie's words) For those of you who prayed for my great nephew baby Auden, I am eternally grateful! He lost his fight with Alpers disease today after 6 short weeks of diagnosis. At 10 months he impacted our family in such a powerful way. As my brother said, our hearts are broken but our faith is strong.

Date:  9/14/12

Made by:  Me

Nature: My coworker in NJ, Karen Yalcin's, Mom passed away a couple of days ago in Turkey.  Please pray for her comfort, as well as the comfort of her family.

Date:  8/29/12

Made by:  Greg Lamb (via Paul Wilson)

Nature: (Greg’s words) I would greatly appreciate prayers for my wife's family.  Her father passed away tonite, Monday.  He was a Christian.  The family certainly needs your prayers and I know many of you will pray.  Family member names are: Alice: wife; Cindy: daughter, my wife; Cathy: daughter; Joe: son; and a host of nephews, nieces, grand children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

Date:  8/23/12 & 8/26/12 

Made by:  Matt McCoy 

Nature: (Matt’s words) Please keep the Hedrich family in your prayers. Marilyn suffered severe injuries from a fall down their stairs last night. I have known them from my Gideons group, they are wonderful people and examples, and loving servants of the Lord. Please pray for their whole family, and Marty in particular, as everyone works to make sense of this. Please pray for Godly wisdom and comfort for any decisions the family needs to make in respect to medical care. Love in Yeshua.

8/26/12 Update: (Matt's words) I just want to thank everyone for their prayers for the Hedrich family. Marilyn went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday. It looks like my earlier update didn't post.

Date:  6/11/12

Made by:  Paul Wilson

Nature:  please pray for this boys family as he died at the end of April. Click HERE to continue.

Date:  4/16/12

Made by:  Me & many others

Nature:  Canadian Theologian, Grant Jeffries, passed away on May 12th.  Please keep his wife, Kaye, and all his loved ones in your prayers, and may Father comfort them as only He can do. Click HERE for more information.

Date:  4/16/12

Made by:  Me, Richard & many others

Nature:  (My words) I don’t know if any of you watch “Swamp People”, but I’m Cajun (born in New Orleans), and since the show is about Cajun alligator hunters, I LOVE it!  I’ve been watching it for a LONG time now… long enough that even though I’ve never met the people from the show, and likely never will on this side of eternity, I’ve gotten to almost “know” them like friends.  Two of the stars are a pair of brothers that live together in a house in the swamps of Louisiana, and they are so close to each other, and look so much alike, you’d swear they were twins.  On May 14th, one of the brother died (Mitchell Guist), and I know his brother Glenn is grieving terribly, and my heart literally aches for him.  PLEASE pray that Father will comfort Glenn and the rest of Mitchell’s loved ones as only He can do.  The story can be found HERE and HERE.

Date:  4/9/12 & 4/10/12

Made by:  Judy Clemons

Nature:  (Judy's words) Hi Peggy, Please pray for Rick who was in a accident. He was moved to a re-hab center as he was doing better. I talked to his wife Kelly and she said that he was getting out of bed and threw a blood clot and had a massive heart attack. They are now saying they think his brain activity is not good. Please pray for his healing.. Kelly is saved but I am not sure about Rick. Thank you for prayer.

Update:  (Judy's words) Hi Peggy, i just found out today that Rick passed away.  thanks to all for praying.  Judy

Date:  3/27/12

Made by:  Me & Richard

Nature:  My Aunt Gladys (BJ's Mom) passed away Sunday (I said Saturday on yesterday's Diary entry, but it was Sunday).  BJ is like a big sister to me (she's 10 years older than me), and her parents were like second parents to me.  Aunt Gladys was Daddy's sister, and was extremely dear to me.  BJ is an only child.  PLEASE pray great comfort for her in her time of great sorrow.  And thanks for your prayers for me... I feel them, and am greatly comforted.  Aunt Gladys was a wonderful Christian, as are BJ and as was her Daddy.  In fact, BJ was the one who held my hand and walked down the aisle at church with me when I was 12 years old. 

Date:  3/19/12 & 3/25/12

Made by:  Me & Richard (for Richard's sister, Bette) 

Nature:  Bette is back in the hospital and not doing well at all.  She is on a ventilator to breathe, and does not want to be kept alive artificially.  Please pray for Bette, her children, her grandchildren, and her siblings (Richard, Verne, Joyce, & Boyd).  

Update:  Bette passed away Saturday night at 8:30 PM with her children and grandchildren around her.  I never had the pleasure to meet her in this lifetime, but I sure look forward to seeing her on the Other Side.  Please pray for special Divine comfort for her loved ones.

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