These prayer requests are sent to me by fellow believers who realize the power of prayer. As Christians it is our charge, as instructed by our Lord, to "Pray for One Another". He tells us that as born again believers, whatever we ask for in His name, shall be given to us. Please join us in praying for the needs of our brothers and sisters in Yahshua! If you have a request, you can submit it to us using the button near the bottom of the page. We update this list daily, so lets all use this power of prayer! Yahshua HaMashiach! 

Baruch Haba Bashem Adonai... Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!  Peggy

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but the Spirit made it grow.

1 Corinthians 3:6

Date:  9/28/12 <- NEW!!!

Made by: Deborah

Nature:  Please pray for Barry Chamish TODAY.  Pray for His salvation.  Pray that God answers his request for knowledge and wisdom regarding the long awaited Jewish Messiah. I have sent him key old testament scriptures and a simple prayer to pray.  I've asked him to do it today, on the Day of Atonement.....and to test God and see.

Date:  8/22/11

Made by: Me & Richard

Nature:  PLEASE pray for the salvation of my oldest son's (Michael) salvation.  I'm leaning on the Word where it says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6).  My ex and I took the kids to church for several years until our church folded, then to other churches, but at the time, we weren't living right, and were not very good role models.  Michael "claims" to be an atheist, but I don't really believe it.  He has a very loving heart, but he's just not where he needs to be.

Date:  8/22/11

Made by: Paul Wilson

Nature:  (Paul's words) My dad is kind of private regarding religion but recently I have gotten reason to think he doesn’t believe in Jesus but does believe in God. I need prayer for him to come to Christ. He is a slow reader so please pray God helps him with reading. He isn’t sure about the bible with so many versions out there. I fear he may be left behind as such I am requesting sites I can go to and print off information he will need: to come to Christ, understand the tribulation and rapture (so he knows what happened), and to explain the mark to him. Please help.

Made by: Pastor F.M. Riley

Nature:  Pastor is asking prayers for some of his unsaved family members (Father knows who they are).

Date:  4/5/11

Made by: J Keller

Nature:  (J’s words) PLEASE, please pray for my family who do not know the Lord.  My husband Steven, my son Steven II and his wife Merhan, my youngest son Chris and his girlfriend Adrianne.  Thanks---God Bless You!

Date:  2/7/11

Made by: GK

Nature:  (GK’s words) pl pray for pavan salvation let god will drag him and open his eyes to know the truth pl pray for his salvation

Date:  1/8/11

Made by: Deborah

Nature:  (Deborah’s words) My oldest sister said I should call my cousin Mary Jane, who lives 2,500 miles away, who is taking Vickie's death pretty hard.  Although she was brought up to believe in Jesus Christ, she married a Jewish man, and my sister says she actually converted to Judaism.  That was a bit of a surprise to me.  I hadn't realized she actually converted to Judaism.  Anyway, that marriage has ended in divorce.  I think my sister was hinting that she might be questioning her decision to depart from Christianity.  So I called her and talked about my sister Vickie's death, and I told her why I was assured that Vickie's in Heaven, because she invited Christ into her heart in 1997.  She seemed to listen, but I could tell she was drinking.  Anyway, we danced around the subject.  Because she was drinking I wasn't sure how much got through to her, although my witness to her was indirect, as the circumstances called for.  I just emailed to her, the book: Good Grief, which is written by a Christian pastor.  I also sent her a copy of the sinners prayer and scriptures regarding salvation.  If she is truly seeking the truth, she will read the email.  Please hold her up in prayer in you will.  I'm not sure if she is saved, but back-slidden or was never really saved in her youth.

Date:  12/26/11

Made by: Deborah

Nature:  (Deborah’s words) We have had a death in the family in the past 10 days, my youngest sister died suddenly by accident.  Most of my family are atheists.  I am challenging my oldest brother in an open email sent to the entire family to just try the sinners prayer.  If nothing happens, nothing happens.  But I KNOW God will answer, because I prayed a similar prayer 25+ years ago, and God answered profoundly.  I pray God does it again.  It could bring the entire family to faith at this time of mourning. Please hold Bill up in prayer for salvation.  

Date:  7/1/11

Made by: Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh’s words) pray for actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers xplains whole story. PRAY he finds JESUS in his life. and also pray for his co-star from his 2001 film HAPPY Now named Emmy Rossum comes to know YESHUA aka JESUS in her life. Isaiah 9:6 and Micah 5:2 point to the Jewish Messiah aka JESUS

Date:  6/25/11 

Made by: Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh’s words) pray for the salvation of the murder suspect mentioned HERE. he is related to some close friends of mine. pray also those in his family who dont know JESUS will come to know him.

Date:  6/16/11 

Made by: Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh’s words) pray for 24 yr. old UK singer Joss Stone. Click on his name which explains whole story. pray also 24 year old British singer Joss Stone comes to know JESUS if she dont know him. pray actresses Kat Dennings and Lizzy Caplan and Emmy Rossum all come to know YESHUA aka JESUS in their lives.  ISAIAH 53 and MICAH 5:2 among other OT verses point to the Jewish Messiah aka YESHUA 

Date:  6/14/11

Made by: Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh’s words) the land of australia is currently having problems regarding volcanic ash. pray for australia at this time.
pray also my australian friends Rhiannon and Indiana and Phoebe all come to know JESUS if they dont know him already.

Date:  6/12/11

Made by: Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh’s words) pray for my friend anna and her family at this time. anna told me someone in her family has stage 4 lung cancer and was also a mentor to her. pray for anna and her family at this time and pray also anna also comes to know JESUS. and pray also for me and anna's friends lisa and sharon 's salvation. pray also those in anna's family who dont know JESUS will come to know him

Date:  3/2/11

Made by: Clare Dsa

Nature:  (Clare’s words) request to prayer for my friend's salvation.  Ahmed  somani

Date:  1/12/11

Made by:  Elaine Frankland

Nature:  (Elaine’s words) Father salvation for Tracy Frankland, may a little child lead her closer to you, her child, till she comes to know you in a personal way. Bless the whole family as they struggle with unemployment.

Date:  5/14/10

Made by:  Josh Brunken

Nature:  (Josh's words) pray for my friends Lisa P. and Anna W. and Sharon E. to come to know JESUS.

Date:  5/7/10

Made by:  Simon-Philippe Allard

For:  His parents

Nature:  (Simon-Philippe's words) Please pray so that I can be a Christian example and ambassador for my unsaved parents and also for my auditions so that they are fulfilling for me (and successful!).

Date:  3/26/10

Made by:  JB

Nature:  (JB's words) pray for a friend mentioned HERE. pray for Jason to get some help with his alcohol problems and pray also for Jason to come to know JESUS

Date:  10/2/09

Made by:  Simon-Philippe Allard

For:  See below

Nature:  (Simon-Philippe's words) I just read Pastor Riley's last article.  Please pray for my father, my sister and especially my mother... because I love them so much... it breaks my heart to know that they will be left behind.  Please pray for their salvation.  It breaks my heart to just imagine their reaction when they will learn that I am gone.  My poor mother, she will not be able to go through this, she is supposed to come visit me next month. I declare that Acts 16:30-31 is a promise of God... I want my family to be saved just like Noah's family was saved.  God is just and He loves them more than I do. Please pray for my family.

Date:  9/15/09

Made by:  Elaine Frankland

For:  See below

Nature:  (Elaine's words) I pray for salvation for Mark, Mick, Tracy, Bethan, Jeff remove the scales from their eyes amen

Date:  9/4/09

Made by:  Linda Schmitz

For:  Her brother

Nature:  (Linda's words) Please pray for my brother Mike, I am not sure where he is in receiving Christ. I don't want to loose him to hell.
Thank you, and I will pray for you too.

Date:  8/18/09

Made by:  Elaine Frankland

For:  Her grandchildren

Nature:  (Elaine's words) Father I pray that You will help the seed of Jesus grow in my grandchildren Bethan, Carys, Seth, and Lauren as they attend Sunday School each week.  Protect them from the enemy and may Your will be done in their lives. Protect my son whilst away on an oil rig, put him with the right people and may Your will be done in his life.amen

Date:  7/27/09

Made by:  Simon-Philippe Allard

For:  His family

Nature:  (Simon-Philippe’s words) God has spoken to my congregation this morning through a brother.  He said that the time of peace was almost over and that darkness will soon be everywhere.  He said that we should make sure we are lights in this coming darkness by following Him. I can't remember exactly everything He said but there was something about being there at midnight... I can't remember the exact words so I can't say if it has anything to do with the rapture. I am truly saved and I follow the Lord the best I can but my family is not saved... I am asking you to please pray for my parents and my sister.

Date:  7/20/09

Made by:  Bill Pan

For:  His sister

Nature:  (Bill's words) Please pray for the salvation and health for my sister. Thank you so much!

Date:  7/8/09

Made by:  Tina

For:  Jeremy <- URGENT!!!

Nature:  (Tina's words) about six months ago I asked for prayer for Jeremy who is 22 and was in a bad vehicle accident.  He survived, miraculously praise the Lord, but he has just tried to take his own life.  He is hospitalized and his mother (who is a Christian) is prayed out.  I told her I would get people praying for Jeremys Salvation.  He has suffered from depression for a long while even before the accident.  The enemy is on the attack but we know the Lord is more powerful......Prayer works, Thankyou and Bless you all................Tina

Date:  6/10/09

Made by:  Josh Brunken

For:  See below

Nature:  (Josh's words) pray actress Megan Fox comes to know JESUS in her life

Date:  6/9/09

Made by:  Susan Bentley

For:  Her daughter, Abbey

Nature:  (Susan’s words) I need your prayer help for my daughter - her name is Abbey.  She is almost 20 and for the last few years I am afraid she is not walking "the Christian life".  She has been the light of my love and she was the most beautiful, loving and sensitive child. Now she refuses to even talk about God - she says it makes her feel uncomfortable, that she has her own beliefs about God and she's happy with that.  She says she is not "religious" (whatever that means) like the rest of my extended family. It's got so bad that today I merely shared with her a passage from a book I have been reading on Heaven - it was nothing to do with her -just a passage that changed my outlook a little and comforted me and filled me with joy.  She flew into a rage and said "STOP TALKING CHRISTIAN STUFF TO ME".   I was shocked and so shocked that to my shame I burst into tears.  She is leaving for a week for 8 weeks in the UK and Europe - and I am so afraid for her.  I can't imagine (although I know with God all things are possible) -but I cannot imagine eternal life without her.  It's been "Abbey and me" since her Father left when she was 6.  She maintains a reasonable relationship with her Dad.  She had christian schooling - both in primary and senior school. My Dad died - almost 2 years ago now and she won't even visit the cemetery with me.  She is dead set against going.  I do not know why.  They were exceptionally close - she was the apple of his eye -- and he was an exceptional Christian man and an Elder of the Church.  She doesn't ever talk about him - like he has ceased to exist. What's happened to my daughter?  And will you help me pray that Jesus intercedes in her life in a way that she cannot fail to recognise - that he calls and calls her and she will respond to that call.  This is my only hope.

Date:  5/20/09

Made by:  Josh Brunken

For:  See below

Nature:  (Josh's words) pray also those who worked with Fritz Stanek on the OPS Board aka Omaha Public Schools board will come to know JESUS if they dont know him already. and also pray that any of Fritz 's friends and family who dont know JESUS will come to know him in their lives. Longtime OPS board member, south Omaha voice Fritz Stanek dies

Date:  5/13/09

Made by:  Elaine Frankland

For:  See below

Nature:  (Elaine's words) Father for Ted, Audrey, Jean, Vivien, Avis, Joyce who do not know You, break down the barriers build the bridges and may Your will be done in their lives. I pray for our new minister as he steps out in faith to draw your people closer together, protect, strengthen, guide put him with the right people. We pray for the mission meeting with the other denominations on Thursday, inspire us, may it be open to your Spirit and your will be done.amen

Date:  5/7/09

Made by:  Stephen Burns

For:  His son

Nature:  (Stephen's words) Please pray for my son Austin to be delivered because he's under the influence of demons from having been at the University. His heart is hard, is extremely rebellious, and has been exposed to immorality. Please ask God to send warring angels and drive all the demons off my son.

Date:  4/27/09

Made by:  Susan B.

For:  Her daughter, Abbey

Nature:  (Susan's words) I would love it to be soon but my daughter remains "lukewarm" - please pray for Abbey that God touches her heart in the ways only He in His loving kindness and absolute grace can do.

Date:  4/23/09

Made by:  Matt Markowski

For:  His wife

Nature:  (Mark’s words) My wife Cathy has no interest in God, but I feel the rapture is so soon, she needs Christ. Can you please say a prayer for her soul ? The Lord can save to the uttermost. Thank you.

Date:  4/21/09

Made by:  Diane Walker (5 Doves posting)

For:  See below

Nature:  (Diane’s words) My husband and I recently started facebook pages on the computer.  Through this we were able to connect wit some friends from long ago.  One such friend was speaking with my husband on the phone about all the people we knew in common and what had happened to them in the last 10 years.  During this conversation John told my husband about one friend who had ''become a born again Christian, if you can believe it!''  Well, my husband responded, ''That's cool!''  John followed with, ''You're not!''  Paul replied, ''Yup, I sure am''  John then proceeded to tell Paul about all that he'd been through the last ten years, he'd had cancer and a quadruple bypass (this is a 45 year old), his wife left him, his kids were grown and gone.  He was very depressed.  He then asked Paul how life's been treating him.  Paul told him his lifes actually been pretty good, sure we'd had some tough times but all in all it's been pretty good.  I believe God brought this man back into our lives because God wants to save him.  He has agreed to come visit us in May.  Please pray for John.  Pray that nothing will keep him from coming and that God will open his mind and soften his heart between now and then. I know the seed has already been planted, my prayer is that it will grow strong and well rooted in Christ.

Date:  4/21/09

Made by:  Simon-Philippe

For:  His parents & sister

Nature:  (Simon-Philippe's words) Please pray for my parents and my sister, because I love them so much and I don't want them to go through the tribulation.  God loves them even more than I do... ALLELUIA!!!

Date:  4/20/09

Made by:  Josh Brunken

For:  See below

Nature:  (Josh’s words) pray for my family friend Lori and her sisters Julie and Kelly and Lori's son Ryan and Julie's daughter's Brittany and Chiann and family friends of Lori's named Brandt and Kara and others in Lori's family comes to know Jesus in their lives pray my friend Tiffany and her boyfriend Geoffrey both come to know JESUS in their lives

Date:  4/17/09

Made by:  Susan Waigwa (5 Doves posting)

For:  Brian, Cindy & Naphtali

Nature:  (Susan’s words) I pray a lot for Brian, and not only him, but his two siblings, Cindy and Naphtali, as well.  I often share with them about Jesus and that He is coming for the Church very soon.  I am trusting the Lord to do what no other can do, soften their hearts, and by His Spirit to woe them and draw them unto Jesus, because no man, by himself can come to Christ unless God the Father draws them.  I am scared for them.  The horrors that are told from the revelations that people have had the privilege of being shown, after the rapture, is not the kind of thing that you would wish even the worst of an enemy, let alone your family.

Date:  4/16/09

Made by:  Dee (5 Doves posting)

For:  Her family members

Nature:  (Dee’s words) I have lots of concerns regarding my four small children and the salvation of my husband.  I have tried over and over again to get my husband, Dave to come to Christ and I know you said that all things are possible.  I have just prayed every single night and it brings me to tears every single night.  I know it is out of my hands and that it is up to the Lord to draw him to him.  I do, however, believe in the power of prayer.  I was hoping the doves would lift my husband, my children and the rest of my family (especially my father Dan and my cousin Jonathan) in prayer that they may find salvation.  Since I think that Jesus is right at the door for the rapture I have no time to waste so I am hoping to get as many people praying for their salvation as possible.  I know nothing else I can do, but this has taken a lot of my happiness out of the wonderful blessing of the rapture as I can't bear the thought of leaving loved ones behind that are unsaved.  I can't bear the thought of them burning in hell.  Anyway....please lift up Dave, my four children: Aidan, Alec, Juliet and Elisabeth, my dad Dan and my cousin Jonathan that they may be believers in Christ and saved and that they will come to know Jesus soon so that we can all be raptured together.

Date:  4/14/09

Made by:  Kevin Dougan

For:  See below

Nature:  (Kevin’s words) Can you please lift up Ross Elliot  in prayer as he is stepping out in faith and opening a thrift store which all the profits go to a Christian Camp  called  Sugar Pine Christian Camp for under privileged kids.  His son Kenny Elliot has also strayed from the Lord and needs to come back.

Date:  4/11/09

Made by:  Merianne

For:  See below

Nature:  (Merianne's words) My prayer requests would be for my mom and dad in laws to come to Christ soon, and also my dad, who was raised (cough, gag) Roman Catholic to come to Christ too. 

Date:  4/9/09

Made by:  Josh Brunken

For:  See below

Nature:  (Josh's words) also for Jason's and mine's mutal friends Heather and Amanda and Kat and Dean and Michelle and Katy and Lindsay and Amber and Chrystal all come to know JESUS in their lives.

Date:  3/30/09

Made by:  Mary

For:  Her son and daughter-in-law

Nature:  (Mary's words) Prayer request for salvation for my son Rob. and his wife Cindy.

Date:  3/23/09

Made by:  John Gostt

For:  See below

Nature:  (John's words) Would you please add two dear Chinese friends to you prayer requests.  Xiang Hong who is caught up in Buddhist teachings and philosophy.  Please pray that the Lord will break down the walls of lies that Satan has built around Xiang and that she will see her need of salvation.  The other is Chilin who is a Chinese doctor by profession. Chilin has never shown any interest in the Gospel message. Some years ago we encouraged them both to join us when we attended our Baptist Church in the area we lived in Melbourne. As they were new to Australia we shared hospitality and helped in practical ways for them to adjust to a new culture and way of life. Many opportunities opened to share our Christian faith as a result. We still have some contact with them although our lives have after some eighteen years taken different paths. All things are possible with God and there is nothing too hard for the Lord. 

Date:  3/13/09

Made by:  Elaine Frankland

For:  See below

Nature:  (Elaine's words) Father, I ask that as I deliver the flyers for a service to reach out to mothers, who do not go to church today, open their hearts, minds and eyes to receive the message, and to come. amen

Date:  3/2/09

Made by:  Randy Larson

For:  His prison ministry

Nature:  Click HERE to read full story.

Date:  2/26/09

Made by:  Randy Larson

For:  Brett Robbins

Nature:  (Randy’s words) His name is Brett Robbins, and it's him that I'm asking prayer for this time.  Turns out that he was raised LDS, but hasn't been a part of that religion since age eleven. He does not believe in organized religion.  I guess that I don't either.  Relationship is what it is all about.  Anyway; he was interested in the Praise and Worship service and he said that he would really consider signing up for it at Thursday's registration.  What do you think?  Do you think?  Is this a God thing? My prayer for Brett is that our Lord would bring him under Biblical teaching.  Will he get that in my class?  Well, if the Holy Spirit is the teacher, there is no question about it.  Please pray that Brett will indeed sign up on Thursday and that he will become involved in the Word.  And then pray that the Holy Spirit will indeed be teaching the class. Brett was happy to hear that it is a Bible-based class.  He said that he is a spiritual man, but not a religious one.

Date:  2/25/09

Made by:  Crin (5 Doves posting)

For:  See below

Nature:  (Crin’s words) My oldest grandkid, Amanda will be 17 on 3-3-09; The younger grandkid, Kenzie turned 11 on 1-20-09. Could I have your prayers for them and their parents.  They are struggling to open their hearts to Jesus and I sense there may be an opening in this sadness for them to draw close to our precious Savior.  I feel an urgency for this since I feel He is coming soon.

Date:  2/14/09

Made by:  Simon-Philippe Allard

For:  Adam

Nature:  (Simon-Philippe's words) I have just learned that one of my friends with whom I volunteer in music (Adam) has cancer.  We need to pray for healing and salvation.

Date:  2/6/09

Made by:  Judy Clemons

For:  Daniel & his Mom <- URGENT!!!

Nature:  (Judy's words) Please pray for a young man by the name of Daniel. He has mental illness and overdosed last night. He is on life support at this time. His mother Vivian is a non believer in any faith. (atheist) Please pray for healing for Daniel and salvation for him and his mother.

Date:  2/6/09

Made by:  Dedra

For:  Erika & her dog, Normandie

Nature:  (Dedra's words) I wanted to ask that you pray for my friend Erika's dog, Normandie....he is an older dog and is not doing well right now.  I really want God to answer this prayer in the affirmative, because you see, Erika is Jewish, and not a believer.... I have been witnessing to her on and off for the past few years and she has been resistant to the Gospel.  She texted me just now asking me to pray for her dog, whom she loves very, very much, because he is sick and not doing good.  I cannot help but think what a great way for the door of salvation to open for her if God answers her prayer request by healing her dog! I know this is all in God's hands.....please keep Normies in prayer.....and of course, pray for Erika's salvation.  Thanks in advance to all you guys

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