Artwork, Fascinating Photos, Slideshows

Hi, friends! I've always been a fairly decent artist, so great artwork has always fascinated me. I've included my artwork (cartoon characters like Pink Panther, Olive Oyl, etc.) and homemade Christmas cards. Then there are PowerPoint slideshows, great photos, etc., that I've collected over the years. Enjoy and be blessed! If you have God-given artistic talent, by all means, use it to His glory!

Love you all in Him! Peggy.

Collages <- New page... homemade!
MANY collages that I've created.  You can cut them out and fit them into an 8" x 10" frame.  Enjoy!!!
Added new collage 7/13/09

Cartoon characters & Christmas cards I drew in the past

Fox Takes On An Epic 300-Like Retelling Of Life Of Moses
It looks like Hollywood is all out of books to adapt, because now they're looking to adapt stories from the book. That's right, the world's best-selling book of all time, the Holy Bible, is headed to the big screen in a big way. Or at least a part of it will end up there as Variety reports that former News Corp. president Peter Chernin will take on his "first significant film project acquisition" for Fox as he aims to deliver a "retelling of the story of Moses, from his near death as an infant to his adoption into the Egyptian royal family, his defiance of the Pharaoh and deliverance of the Hebrews from enslavement." Well aren't we modest? Of course, this doesn't sound like it's going to be your grandparent's Moses, because the story (written by Accepted writers Adam Cooper and Bill Collage) was conceived in the same vein as Cooper and Collage's Moby Dick script, which was pitched as a re-imagining in the same style as Zack Snyder's 300.
Posted 10/14/09

Sistine Chapel <- Beautiful!!!
World's largest gigapixel picture
Posted 6/1/09

In the Alps
Posted 5/18/09

Old Testament Bible History - Moses and the Red Sea Crossing
Posted 5/18/09

A model of biblical proportions: man spends 30 years creating a model of Herod's Temple [WAY awesome!!! Thanks to my cousin, Harry Serres, for sharing this wonder!  19 PHOTOS!!!]
Posted 4/23/09

Hong Kong Christens an Ark of Biblical Proportions <- How cool is THIS???
The First Built as Big as Noah's, It Joins a Global Regatta of Replicas
Posted 4/16/09

New Julian Beevers Sidewalk Art
This guy is positively awesome!!!
Posted 2/13/09

Christ Bell
Incredibly clever! Amazing how this worked out!!! 
Posted 12/2/08

This is WAY cool!!!  For those of you, like me, who love to pop bubble wrap, this is for you!
Posted 4/21/08

Sarah Kinney's artwork


more of Sarah Kinney's artwork
This young lady is one excellent artist! Enjoy these YouTubes posted by her Mom, Stepheny!
Posted 4/14/08

Following are some videos by my 5 Doves brother, Mike Harrington:

Posted 4/7/08

Angel Calendar Pictures
On Christmas Day, 2005, my Mom bought me a 2006 Angel Calendar.  I LOVED the pictures on it, so I scanned each page, and am sharing them with you here.  I've also PDF'd a copy of the entire thing, and you can print them, cut them out, and fit them into 8 x 10 frames for hanging.
Posted 8/27/07

Artwork, Fascinating Photos, Slideshows
I've always been a fairly decent artist, so great artwork has always fascinated me. I used to watch Bob Ross on PBS TV, and he just blew me away!  Just when you thought his painting was completed, he'd add more, and you'd go "WOW!!!".  He was really something!  I've also included my artwork (cartoon characters like Pink Panther, Olive Oyl, etc.) and homemade Christmas cards. Then there are PowerPoint slideshows, great photos, etc., that I've collected over the years.
Posted 8/6/07

The Barn
This is ONE awesome illusion!!!
Posted 9/10/07

Best Nature Photo Awards by National Geographic
28 beautiful photos!!!
Posted 3/12/08

Best Photos of 2005
These are some AWESOME photographs!!!

Bob Ross
Paintings, techniques, tips, etc.

Celebrity Caricatures
This guy is one incredible artist!  Wait until you get a load of these caricatures!  He creates them from photos or from the people themselves, and you don't even have to see the actual photo to know exactly who he's drawn!  Enjoy! 
Posted 3/11/08

Cool Fruits & Veggies!
Someone had the ingenuity to create "critters" out of fruits & vegetables!  These are adorable!!!
Posted 4/16/07

Don Marco, Mr. Crayola
What this man can do with Crayons is breathtaking!!!

Hubble Telescope Photos!
Our God creates some AWESOME things!!!

Ice Photos
From Annie's pond in Vancouver
Posted 1/7/05

Iceland Photos (PowerPoint presentation)
Breathtaking photos of Iceland!!!
Posted 8/8/07

In Memory of Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)
PhotoShop contest... Includes "Steve Irwin and the Angel"!  AWESOME photography!!!  

Julian Beavers (sidewalk art)
FANTASTIC 3-D sidewalk art!!!
NEW photos added in 2009!

Lego Church
An entire church made totally out of Legos!!!

More Optical Illusions
Real eye poppers!

Posted 7/10/06

Most e-mailed photos
Posted 12/17/07

National Parks
Photos of some of the most gorgeous National Parks I have ever seen! They look like a small foretaste of eternity!
Posted 8/6/07

Optical Illusions
These are really GOOD!
Posted 3/25/06

Photo Essay: 100,000 Jews At Western Wall for Tisha B'Av 5767

Power of PhotoShop!
Some VERY unique photos touched up in PhotoShop!

Shocking Photos from Iraq!
Posted 11/26/04

Steve Quayle Pictures
Really cool pictures that Steve shares almost daily that he puts his captions to, then gives you the actual picture captions.
New picture added 10/15/07

When God Paints
...a little taste of Eternity! Beautiful pictures of what we can expect in our future if we are His!!!
Posted 4/26/05

Winter Wonderland
Some of the most beautiful photos of winter landscapes you will EVER see on THIS earth!!!
Posted 2/19/07