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[The LORD said]: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

2,000 names on petition seek restoration of cross
William & Mary officials had removed it 'to make chapel more welcoming'
Posted 11/20/06

Amazing Story News from Egypt
VERY touching story!!!
Posted 1/16/06 

An Amazingly Timely Discovery <- Gave me the chills!!!
Christians are not superstitious. We do not believe in fate or chance. All things are ordered by God and there are no real "coincidences" in this life.
Posted 7/28/06

'Apprentice 5' star's clothing features Christian symbols
LionheartApparel to make a faith statement, give to pro-life causes
Posted 9/18/06

Audio 'Bible Experience' a Big Hit
It's a new audio Bible released by Zondervan, one of the world's largest publishers of religious books.
Posted 11/20/06

Baptist 'exit strategy' means get kids out of public schools
Posted 10/23/06

Bible-ban buster ships off 100,000th Bible – to Egypt
Voice of the Martyrs program gets God's Word into restricted nations
Posted 12/1/06

Bible Questions & Answers
Bible questions answered by Jack Kelley of Grace Thru Faith.

Bible read aloud for 5 straight days – in public!
Marathon reading event comes as some governments squelching religion
Posted 11/20/06

‘The Big Apple’ is about to experience a unique taste of the Korean revival
The “New York 2006” healing crusade will take place in the historic Madison Square Garden on July 27, 28 and 29 and will be led by Dr. Jaerock Lee, senior pastor of the 100,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church in Seoul, South Korea.
Posted 7/4/06

Broadcasting From Israel
Messianic Television; Praise and Worship Radio, 24/7

Posted 5/23/06

Broadcasting Love in a War Zone
From Inside Lebanon, Christian Satellite Network SAT-7 Broadcasts Stories of Christians Responding to War
Posted 7/31/06

Center of the Bible
Food for thought!

CEO of Christian Clothing Company Issues Warning to Apparel Industry...
The CEO of a Florida-based Christian internet clothing company has some strong words of caution for the fashion industry. Says Rick Wade, founder and CEO of Second Coming Clothing Co.
Posted 10/9/06

Chaplain who quit Royal Navy over porn wins £50,000
The former police officer, from Tenbury Wells, Worcs, claimed sexual harassment, and discrimination against the MoD on the grounds of religious affiliation. The Navy admitted sexual harassment but denied discrimination.
Posted 9/20/06 

Christian BA employee to take legal action over suspension for wearing cross
A committed Christian said today she planned to take legal action against her employers British Airways after the airline ruled that displaying her crucifix breached uniform rules
Posted 10/17/06 

Christian group to advocate more support for Israel
More than 3,000 pro-Israel evangelical Christians will be in town next week for a "Washington/Israel summit" to push the Bush administration toward stronger support for the Jewish state.
Posted 7/14/06

Christian leaders facing Soros-funded 'witch hunt'
CREW group instrumental in outing Foley now targeting Dobson, Bauer, Falwell, more
Posted 10/9/06

Christian Marriage
Posted 5/23/05

Christian television reaches milestone in the Middle East and North Africa
SAT-7, the first Arabic Christian television channel in the Middle East and North Africa, to broadcast tenth anniversary celebration live on May 31
Posted 5/18/06

Christian Tracts (by Chick Publications)

Christian Women Opt For Traditional Modest Dress
Posted 10/6/06 

Christianity Studies Introduced Into Israeli Schools
Starting from this school year, high school students will be able to take matriculation exam in 'Christian religion.' Program currently open for Arab students only, but Education Ministry says will consider allowing Jewish pupils to take it as well.
Posted 10/9/06

Christians at 700 high schools in 'Day of Truth'
Posted 4/28/06

Christians: We'll Fight For Israel
Dozens of Evangelical pastors, parliament members, and leaders from an array of countries gathered at the Knesset in Jerusalem to proclaim their support for the country, during a meeting of the Caucus, which was also attended by Knesset Members from across the political spectrum.
Posted 9/29/06

Christians in Nigeria plan a 50 million people march
LAGOS, NIGERIA (ANS) -- December 26, is known as boxing day all over the world. But that date may no longer be known by Christians in Nigeria as boxing day, rather it will be regarded as JESUS DAY, if the plan for a JESUS 50 Million People March every December 26 succeeds. This march is being organized by World Rescue Ministries International (WORMINT). It is hoped that every church that calls the name Jesus will participate in the nation wide marching.
Posted 7/31/06

Christians pray that Muslims find Jesus
When Muslims begin the holy month of Ramadan this weekend, Christians worldwide will be praying along with them. But Muslims may not welcome the support. In a campaign called the "30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus," Christians will be asking God to help Muslims accept Jesus.
Posted 9/25/06

Church -- What Will It Look Like?
While Christianity seems to be flourishing in Africa, Asia and Latin America, many believe it is dying in the U.S. and is already on life support in Europe and Canada. What is the actual condition of the Christian faith in America?
Posted 10/4/06

Church a way of life in Dixie
Posted 5/2/06

Churches prepare to rebut 'DaVinci'
Posted 5/9/06

Citizens prepare appeal to save cross
As WorldNetDaily reported, on May 3 U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson ordered the city of San Diego to remove the mountain-top cross within 90 days or face a fine of $5,000 a day.
Posted 5/19/06

Clubhouse can't ban Christian meetings
Judge says mobile home park must allow Bible studies
Posted 8/24/06 

This is TOO cool!!!

Consider the Rainbow
By Dr. George of Science Ministries
Posted 7/14/05

Court favors Christian literature on campus
District had barred students from distributing pro-life, religious material
Posted 8/29/06

Creationist descends on Britain to take debate on evolution into the classroom
Posted 4/24/06

Dear God
To my e-mail friends!
Posted 1/7/05

Devout Christians march for Zionism in Jerusalem
More than 5,000 evangelical Christians, including believers from as far afield as Congo and New Zealand, marched through Jerusalem on Tuesday to voice their support for Zionism and the state of Israel.
Posted 10/12/06

'Dr. Phil' of prayer to hit national TV
Posted 5/1/06

Dutch Evangelicals calls for pray-in against the Devil
A Netherlands-based Evangelical organisation has called on Christians in 21 countries to hold a 24-hour prayer vigil against Satanic forces to mark so-called Devil's Day.
Posted 6/6/06

'End Times' message delivered to 100,000
Greg Laurie's Southern California Crusade provides confidence amidst terror threats
Posted 8/16/06

Evangelicals to hold prayers for Israel
Millions of Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel around the world are slated to take part in a "Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem" on Sunday.
Posted 10/3/06

Fight On To Preserve Christian Heritage
The board of education has decided that Bridgeport, a town of 8,000 people served by 40 churches, will fight to preserve its decidedly Christian heritage.
Posted 8/21/06

For Gays, a Loud New Foe
Sacramento's large enclave of immigrant Slavic evangelicals is becoming a force on social issues. Their actions shock many.
Posted 10/17/06

A Glimpse of Eternity!
The most AWESOME photos you'd ever want to see... shades of the eternal earth!!!
Posted 10/15/05

'God is watching; he's watching all the time' <- Positively AWESOME!!!
Posted 12/6/06

God saved me from death three times, says Army chief <- AWESOME story!!!
The head of the British Army has spoken of his belief that God saved his life three times, prompting him to become a Christian.
Posted 10/31/06

'Good news' from northern Iraq
Retired Iraqi Gen. Georges Sada, a former fighter pilot-turned-Christian evangelist, says Kurds are converting to Christianity "by the hundreds" in northern Iraq.
Posted 5/24/06

Grateful Lubbock calls day of prayer
Since then, 6.55 inches of rain has fallen, even triggering some flooding. And now the council has declared Sunday a day of prayer and thanksgiving.
Posted 9/18/06

Grieving Amish raise money for killer's family
Amish residents of rural Lancaster County, Pa., have started a charity fund to help not only the victims' families – but also the mass-murderer's widow and children, reports the New York Times today. The killer, Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, committed suicide at the end of Monday's attack, in which he shot 10 girls. Five of them, aged 7 to 13, died.
Posted 10/6/06

How God Works In And Through Us (story by Annie)

Hug a Jesus doll 'for faith and fun'
HUGGABLE Jesus is just one of the "dolls that love you back" being offered by a couple of biblical doll-makers in Boston who hawk plush dolls "that pack fun and faith into one lovable, kid-sized package". Click HERE to read about them!
Posted 9/11/06

Husbands, Love Your Wives <- BROTHERS, READ THIS!
Recognizing my own continuing need for improvement in this area, I sought the various scriptures that speak of the role of husbands in scripture. I have learned that having a loving and scriptural husband-wife relationship is probably the single most influential factor in raising righteous children. It is for the sake of the children that I share these things.
Posted 11/27/06

If Christ Had a Dog
A VERY touching poem!
Posted 1/19/05

Immigrants Hear God's Word, in Chinese, via Conference Call
Posted 5/22/06

Importance of 7th Day Sabbath Observance among believers <- PAY ATTENTION, Christians!!!
Posted 5/25/06

Iranian Christians seek global prayer
Crisis prompts 120 leaders to launch 40-day campaign
Posted 5/23/06

Judge Moore tells Christians they're at war
Posted 11/7/06 

Lebanese Christians Protest Hezbollah
Posted 9/26/06

Letter to a Skeptic
Excellent response by Hal Lindsey to an atheist!

Matt's Visions (absolutely AWESOME!!!)

The Messianic Seal
Posted 7/17/06

Millennial Mountain? (AWESOME photo!)
Posted 5/24/05

Ministry funds worthy pro-family projects
Offering grants to ventures helping rescue victims of 'gay lifestyle'

Ministry Helps Heal 'Unwanted Homosexuality'
Posted 5/16/06

Miracle of 8/3/06
I wanted to tell you about some awesome, but odd, "touches" from the Father lately.
Posted 8/6/06

'Miracles' boost Indian Christians
More than 100 years after the first waves of a great Welsh religious revival reached faraway north-eastern India, Christian church leaders are claiming a religious reawakening in the region.
Posted 10/3/06

More Than Medicine: A Patient's Weapons (Part 1 of 3)
When a possible death sentence stares you in the face, having the right doctor and the right treatment is really only part of the battle. This survivor had unique weapons to help her win the war.
Posted 5/9/06

Most Protestants, Southerners Believe that God Gave Israel to the Jews <- DUH!
Posted 9/4/06

Museum uses Bible to tell earth's history
PETERSBURG, Ky. (AP) -- Like most natural history museums, this one has exhibits showing dinosaurs roaming the Earth. Except here, the giant reptiles share the forest with Adam and Eve.
Posted 8/1/06

New film to prove accuracy of Bible?
'Exodus' project documents evidence from Joseph, Red Sea, Mount Sinai
Posted 6/5/06

No fear: Overcoming Bible trauma
In fact, as I will explain from a writer's perspective, the Bible is not possible. And yet, ironically, this amazing book is taken for granted.
Posted 5/19/06 

North Carolina Christians Take a Stand, Evil Flees
Posted 4/27/06

People Come Into Your Life
Types of "friends"

Philippines: Saved By Jesus
A 10 year old boy from Luzon in the Philippines miraculously came back to life 17 hours after being declared dead. He told his family that Jesus woke him up.
Posted 7/24/06

Police enlist the power of prayer
Police in Lincolnshire are turning to prayer in their latest efforts to tackle crime. The force is asking churchgoers to concentrate their prayers on crimes such as burglaries and violent attacks.
Posted 8/4/06

Prayers for rain answered in West Texas – and how! <- TOO COOL!!!
Reservoirs overflowing 1 month after officials made case to God
Posted 9/6/06

Priests defy Vatican marriage ban <- Good for him!
Posted 12/12/06

Promises About Prayer...
By Yahweh's Assembly - Do you ever wonder why your prayers aren't answered?
Posted 3/24/05

Remains of Ancient Church Found in Egypt
Posted 8/8/05

Road to Armageddon: Get your kicks on 6/6/06
When the end does come, we can only hope to be caught in the act of serving God by serving others.
Posted 6/5/06

Ruling: Voters have right to Ten Commandments
Idaho Supreme Court OK's Boise election on display of monument in park
Posted 8/17/06 

Rumblings of Revival in NYC
There were those who expected the terror attacks of 9/11 to crush whatever spirit the Big Apple had. But instead, it may have helped spur the rumbles of revival some have already detected in New York City.
Posted 7/25/06

Shiite pilgrimage leads to church
On perilous border, Lebanese Christians take in Muslims
Posted 7/31/06

Sign of the Fish (Ixoye)
Story about the Christian symbol

Soap opera star tells of life transformed by God
Known for roles on "The Young and the Restless," "One Life to Live"
Posted 9/18/06

Solid evidence of resurrection <- AWESOME!!!
Posted 4/17/06

Southern Baptists refuse to back pullout
GREENSBORO, N.C. - There will almost certainly be no Southern Baptist exodus from the nation's public schools — at least for now. Leaders of the nation's largest Protestant denomination Wednesday refused to support a resolution that would have urged the denomination to form an "exit strategy" for pulling Southern Baptist children from public schools in favor of home schools or private Christian schools.)
Posted 6/15/06

Special Prayer from Kansas City
From Minister Joe Wright

Spiritual Gifts
Have you ever wondered what Spiritual Gifts you have been blessed with?  Take the test and find out.
Posted 5/23/05

Split among American Baptists over homosexuality is final
Southern Baptists could "no longer afford to be aligned in any way" with any group that condones the practice of homosexuality in churches.
Posted 5/22/06

Still standing: Court declares Oklahoma Ten Commandments display constitutional
A federal court today agreed with the arguments of ADF attorneys and determined that a Ten Commandments monument erected with private funds on a county courthouse lawn is constitutional, thwarting a legal challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Posted 8/23/06

Student response to Judge's ban on graduation prayers
Click HERE for initial story.
Posted 5/23/06

The suffering of Christian bookstores
Just two months ago, Logos book store in Oak Park closed its doors. Owners Tammy Daugherty-Holzer and Chris Holzer of River Forest said it was too hard to compete with the Internet and big-name stores such as Wal-Mart that have recently entered the Christian book market.
Posted 8/29/06

Surprise! Moral movies draw 7 times the fans
Study: Films with Christian worldview always out-perform foul-mouthed nudes
Posted 10/3/06

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Testimonials from Ex-Muslims <- AWESOME!!!
Posted 4/24/06

The Third Commandment: What does it mean? <- IMPORTANT, CHRISTIANS!
His Name is YHWH/Yahweh, not "God" or "Lord"... why is it important to call Him YHWH/Yahweh?

Posted 5/22/06

The Truth About Angels, by Gary Schooley
Have you ever seen an Angel? Not the kind that you see depicted on T.V. or in gift shops, but a TRUE Angel? Believe it or not, you probably have and didn't even know it. The word ANGEL conjures an image of something with wings, a harp and a halo. Or maybe you think that an angel is someone that has died and came back with wings, a harp and a halo; sitting on a cloud plucking the harp and waiting to arrive at some unknown destination. Maybe you just think that angels are "naked babies". While these are all "cute", they have no foundation in scripture.
Posted 10/14/06

U.S. Evangelicals on Mission in Israel <- Yea, us!
Still, the crew was unfazed Thursday, keeping a positive attitude in a demonstration of the growing alliance between evangelical Christians and the Jewish state.
Posted 10/27/06 

Vision inspires missionary to return to North Korea
'Message of light' given to Esther, who says, 'If I perish, I perish'  
Posted 11/16/06 

We Are One In the Spirit
Song from the 60's
Posted 7/25/05

Why Christians support Israel
God the Father was the first Zionist. As the original landowner, He gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants the land of Israel forever.
Posted 7/26/06

Wives, Submit to Yahweh! <- SISTERS, READ THIS!
In this modern day, where the women's liberation movement has won the hearts of many, women have taken on responsibilities and duties that go beyond what Yahweh ever intended. Yahweh created men and women, each to fulfill a distinct purpose and role in life. For example, men cannot bear or nurse children and women do not have the physical strength to do some of the work that men can do. Let's examine the creation account to learn more about the will of Yahweh for woman:
Posted 11/27/06

Women Preachers (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service)
The Bible clearly states that the man is to lead in the home and church, and the woman’s role is to submit to the man’s headship. There is widespread rebellion against this divine plan, though, and many women are being appointed to leadership positions in churches. Consider some facts from our files...
Posted 7/17/06

Yahushua is His Name <- IMPORTANT, CHRISTIANS!
According to scripture, there is only one name that we should call on for salvation... Jesus is not His name. The name Jesus is a relatively modern invention. His original name is Yahushua.

Posted 5/22/06



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