Girl run over by father for being 'too westernised' dies
A young Iraqi woman whose father allegedly ran her over because she became 'too westernised' has died in hospital. Noor Faleh Almaleki, 20, underwent spinal surgery and was in a coma for nearly two weeks before she finally succumbed to her horrific injuries.
Posted 11/5/09

Meeting Shariah With Christ
Women in Afghanistan have plenty to grieve about. Things have not improved substantially since the Taliban was ousted. Words were offered, both spoken and written, promising greater rights and better treatment of women, but those have deteriorated to the basic, "you have a right to stay home and obey your husband." Men are free to rape and beat their female relatives, and women who try to escape are hunted down like slaves. While these things are horrible, we are not shocked to hear about them in Afghanistan. The fact that women are being raped and beaten and murdered in the name of Islam in America, though… that puts the issue more directly in front of our faces.
Posted 11/5/09

Islamic Militants in Somalia Crack Down on Deceptive Bras
A Somalian Islamic group reportedly has started whipping women in public for wearing bras that violate Islam, the Daily Mail reports. Residents claim insurgent group Al Shabaab sent gunmen into the streets to round up women who appeared to have a firm bust. The women are inspected to see if their suspected firmness is natural or from a bra. Officials reportedly make the women shake their breasts after removing their bras.
Posted 10/19/09

Sweden in the Grip of Islam <- VIDEO
The “religion of peace” once again shows its true colors…and anti-Semitism is on the rise. The spirit of antichrist is alive and well in the earth.
Posted 10/16/09

Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim, report says
Nearly one in four people worldwide is Muslim -- and they are not necessarily where you might think, according to an extensive new study that aims to map the global Muslim population.
Posted 10/12/09

'Global Muslim population hits 1.57 b.'
The global Muslim population stands at 1.57 billion, meaning that nearly 1 in 4 people in the world practice Islam, according to a report Wednesday billed as the most comprehensive of its kind. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life report provides a precise number for a population whose size has long has been subject to guesswork, with estimates ranging anywhere from 1 billion to 1.8 billion.
Posted 10/9/09

Scholars plan first US Islamic college in Berkeley
Imam Zaid Shakir has high hopes for Islamic scholarship in America - aspirations that include the first accredited four-year Islamic college in the United States. Having gained momentum - and funds - in the past year, Shakir and a group of American Muslims and scholars are now hoping to open the planned Zaytuna College next fall in Berkeley, California.  
Posted 10/5/09

Sheikh Salah: Netanyahu may set Mideast on fire
Should Muslims have to choose between renouncing the al-Aqsa Mosque and becoming martyrs they will choose the latter, the leader of the Islamic Movement's northern branch told followers Friday.  
Posted 10/5/09

Muslim prayers to surround U.S. Capitol
On Sept. 25, Dar ul Islam, a mosque in Elizabeth, N.J., is slating a massive Friday "jummah" prayer event at the west front of the U.S. Capitol; on the very site that President Obama gave his inauguration speech not so long ago. ...The mid-day summons to Allah will echo amongst Washington's most august monuments, the site says "for the sole purpose of prayer." And "the peace, beauty and solidarity of Islam will shine through the America's capital."
Posted 9/11/09

Islamic Radicals & God's Solution
The world is rightly alarmed at the threat of the Islamic radicals. The fundamentalist elements of this false religion may not be the majority, but they control a scary multitude. According to recent polls conducted by a reputable organization, approximately seven percent (7%) of Muslims worldwide are radical, support suicide bombers and are committed to an Islamic domination of the world. With 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide that 7% represents 91 million, and at least 117,500 of these radicals live in America. Every one of the 91 million Muslims are potential candidates to be used to attack, kill, and eliminate humans that stand in their way. What an awesome fact to go to bed with every night! A massive effort is underway by leading radical Muslims to guarantee that their Islamic forces possess a nuclear arsenal. We must understand that the only thing protecting Israel and America at this very moment is our massive military power. Within our military circles there also exists a powerful and capable intelligence network. It’s important for the intelligent organization to tap telephones and gather information from every available source.
Posted 8/28/09

Nearly All Islamic Countries Support Russia in Fight Against Terrorism
Almost all Islamic countries are supporting Russia's efforts in fighting against terrorism, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. "The North Caucasus Muslims' Coordination Center has been actively developing our country's relations with the Islamic world recently," Medvedev said at a meeting which discussed the support of the Islamic religions organizations in North Caucasus.-"The federal and regional authorities have approved contacts with the Saudi Arabia regarding the Hajj, as well as educational projects with Libya, Syria, Egypt, which certainly facilitate the mutual understanding and cooperation between our nations and countries"  
Posted 8/28/09

TV channel to explain Islamic principles could be set up in Russia
A TV channel could be established in Russia that would clarify the principles on which Islam is based - 'that would teach and comprehensively clarify [the principles] of Islam, which is traditional for our country - Such clarifications must be prepared by good imams and professional theologians,' Medvedev said.
Posted 8/28/09

Obama addresses Muslims on Ramadan
In a video message to Muslims getting ready for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins Saturday in most of the Islamic world, US President Barack Obama on Friday cast US military efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Washington's support in a two-state solution as part of his drive to forge a new relationship between America and the Muslim world.  
Posted 8/25/09

America as the Last Man Standing (by Geert Wilders)  <- FEATURE!!! 
I come to America with a mission. All is not well in the old world. There is a tremendous danger looming, and it is very difficult to be optimistic. We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe. This not only is a clear and present danger to the future of Europe itself, it is a threat to America and the sheer survival of the West. The danger I see looming is the scenario of America as the last man standing. The United States as the last bastion of Western civilization, facing an Islamic Europe. In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: who lost Europe? Patriots from around Europe risk their lives every day to prevent precisely this scenario form becoming a reality.
Posted 8/7/09

Here Comes Muslim Europe...  <- FEATURE!!! 
The Muslim takeover of Europe is happening more quickly than people think. In my column below from the Jerusalem Post, I highlight the demographic decline of traditional Europe and contrast it with the rapid growth of the continent's Muslim population.
Posted 8/7/09

Iran bans Mecca visits over flu
Iran has banned all pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in an attempt to contain the spread of swine flu. Health officials said no Iranians would remain in Saudi Arabia after 22 August. Muslims must make one pilgrimage to Mecca in their lifetime and many do so during Ramadan.  
Posted 8/7/09

Muslim Extremists to Queen Elizabeth: 'Off with Your Head'
Choudary said last September that Britain will become a Muslim country in the future. Last year, he praised the terrorist attack in Mumbai and previously has called for stoning homosexuals and for assassinating the Pope.
Posted 8/5/09

Sudanese woman 'faces 40 lashes'
A Sudanese woman who is due to appear in court in Khartoum says she faces up to 40 lashes for wearing trousers. The woman, Lubna Hussein - a former journalist who now works for the United Nations - has invited journalists and observers to the trial. She was arrested in a restaurant in the capital with other women earlier this month for wearing "indecent" clothing.
Posted 7/30/09

Gaza inches closer to Sharia Law
Top ministers, police officials in Gaza draw up new 'morals' list, begin demanding women wear head coverings
Posted 7/27/09

Imam at Windy City Islamist confab: We'll fight til ‘Islam Becomes Victorious or We Die in the Attempt’
Posted 7/24/09

Swine flu fears prompt Hajj curbs
Arab health ministers have agreed to prevent vulnerable groups joining this year's Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, because of fears over swine flu. People aged over 65 and under 12, and those with chronic diseases, will be excluded from the event, a World Health Orgnization official said on Wednesday. In June, Saudi Arabia asked elderly and sick Muslims not to visit this year.
Posted 7/24/09

France Surrenders to Ahmadinejad  <- FEATURE!!! 
France should not be considered a Western country any longer; it is now the leader of the Arab-Muslim world. France is an Islamicized country and whether one agrees or not, her actions speak louder than any words.
Posted 7/21/09

Imam at Windy City Islamist confab: We'll fight til ?Islam Becomes Victorious or We Die in the Attempt?  <- FEATURE!!! 
Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), the international movement to re-establish an international Islamic state, or Caliphate, kicked off a new campaign to win American recruits Sunday afternoon in this Chicago suburb.
Posted 7/21/09

Iraq cleric on rare public visit
Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has made a rare public appearance in Syria, where he met President Bashar Assad. Reports say they discussed the status of American forces in Iraq. Mr Sadr's militia, the Mehdi Army, fought against the US forces in Iraq until a peace deal was signed in 2007. He has rarely been seen since then.
Posted 7/21/09

Islam Lives by the Sword  <- FEATURE!!! 
The path ahead of us is not simple. We are in a state of war with the vast majority of Arab countries, with Islamic believers throughout the world supporting them. We are talking about tens of millions of enemies who are ready to go to war with us at any moment, and hundreds of millions more who voice support for it.
Posted 7/16/09

Islam investigator ejected from Muslim conference
WASHINGTON – With a high-profile Christian keynote speaker, Rick Warren, the Islamic Society of North America billed its July 4 national convention here as a major outreach to non-Muslims, but it chose to eject by force an American investigating Islamist radicalism in the U.S.
Posted 7/6/09

Somalis watch double amputations <- How awful... read the part in yellow!!!
Hardline Islamists in Somalia have carried out double amputations on four men for stealing phones and guns. They have each had a hand and foot cut off after being convicted by a Sharia court in the capital earlier this week. More then 300 people, mainly women and children, watched as masked men cut off their limbs with a machete.
Posted 6/26/09

Cleric: Muslims seek jihad from the womb
In televised sermon, Palestinian cleric says all Muslims seek from conception to violently spread their faith
Posted 5/7/09

Angry Afghans protest over new Muslim marriage law
The Islamic law, passed last month, says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse _ a clause that critics say legalizes marital rape. It also regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home alone.
Posted 4/16/09

Muslim daughter killed over mini-skirt 
Posted 4/16/09

Islamic Law's Influence in America a Growing Concern
As America's Muslim population grows, so too does the influence of Islamic law, or Shariah, in daily life in the U.S...
Posted 4/3/09

Yemeni Muslim sentenced to death for emailing Olmert
Yemeni court charges man with trying to be spy for Israel based on alleged personal email to Olmert
Posted 3/24/09

What the West Must Know About Islamic Law
Nonie Darwish was a virtual slave to Islamic law for the first thirty years of her life. Raised as a Muslim in the Gaza strip, she never questioned or challenged radical Islamic law -- she never dared. "This is Allah's Law," she was told, and she knew what awaited those who questioned it.
Posted 3/20/09

Muslim Preacher Mocks Fallen British Soldiers After Homecoming Parade Protest
Muslim war protesters disrupted a homecoming parade for British troops Tuesday, with one preacher praising the disruption and branding the homecoming a "vile parade" of...
Posted 3/17/09

Muslim Population Rising 10 Times Faster Than Rest of the UK
David Coleman, Professor of Demography at Oxford University, said: "The implications are very substantial... 
Posted 3/13/09

Textbooks 'whitewashing' Islamic extremism
Amid concerns that history textbooks are downplaying the important role of Christianity in America's founding comes a report that Islam extremism is being treated with kid gloves in some of those textbooks.
Posted 3/12/09

Islamic Flag?
Doesn't this look like the Islamic flag?
Posted 1/29/09

'Beware, we are coming!'
Radical Muslims in Somalia are promising Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa and from Japan to Russia, issuing the warning "Beware, we are coming," according to a media monitor
Posted 1/14/09

The Radical Islamic Takeover of America: A Speech Every Patriotic American Must Hear
In an hour-long speech, she warned of the successful cultural Jihad being waged against America by cells of radical Islamic terrorists already in the country.  She characterized many of America’s leading universities as “occupied territory, ” having been infiltrated by anti-American, anti-Israel professors that dominate Middle East Studies departments funded by Saudi millions.
Posted 1/8/09

Muslim lawyer Anjem Choudary brands Christmas 'evil'
Posted 12/16/08

There is no 'moderate' Islam, Dutch lawmaker tells Israelis
Dutch MP explains at Jerusalem conference that all Muslims - radical or 'moderate' - seek global domination one way or another
Posted 12/16/08

Muslims get last laugh at Swift: Plant must pay $365,000 to Muslims fired for walking off job
Under a settlement to a federal lawsuit, up to 100 Somali Muslims who are current or former workers at Gold'n Plump Inc. will receive a total of $365,000.
Posted 11/14/08

Muslims Crack Down On Transplants For Christians
A report from the U.S. Copts Association reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood-influenced Egyptian Medical Association is trying to prohibit any organ transplants that would involve a Muslim donor and Christian recipient or vice versa.  
Posted 8/25/08

Muslim father burns Christian daughter alive
Posted 8/18/08

1 in 3 Muslim students approve killing for Islam
Posted 7/28/08

The Myth of Al-Aqsa
When the Prophet Mohammad established Islam, he introduced a minimum of innovations. He employed the hallowed personages, historic legends and sacred sites of Judaism and Christianity, and even paganism, by Islamizing them.
Posted 6/30/08

Outlawing the Pig
The practice of political correctness may soon be tallying another casualty: the pig. Increasingly, as America and the rest of the Western world continue accommodating Muslim religious demands, pork food products are being singled out for removal from dining tables and pig-related trinkets banished from the desks of office workers.
Posted 5/12/08

Michigan Professor Wichman's Email
A Michigan professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country.
Posted 5/12/08

'Muhammad boys' prove 'Islam poised to take over Europe'
JERUSALEM – Statistical information released yesterday showing Muhammad is the second most popular boys name in Britain "proves Islam is becoming the majority in the UK and will one day enter every house in Europe," a senior terror leader said in an interview.
Posted 12/28/07

The Sickness That Is Wahhabi Islam
Wahhabism, a strict and primitive form of Islam, is the rule of law in rich and influential Saudi Arabia . FSM Contributing Editor Adrian Morgan gives us an enlightening tutorial on its history, as well as some of the more alarming practices of this growing sect. 
Posted 8/10/07

9/11 outrage: Flight 93 memorial really a giant mosque
The primary feature, he says, is the giant central crescent of what originally was called the "Crescent of Embrace" design. A person facing into this half-mile wide crescent – still present in the superficially altered "Bowl of Embrace" redesign – will be oriented almost exactly at Mecca.
Posted 7/25/07

Ahmadinejad: I’m Not Anti-Semitic
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during a press conference in New York on Thursday "We love everyone in the world - Jews, Christians, Muslims, non-Muslims, non-Jews, non-Christians. "We are against ugly acts. We are against occupation, aggression, killings and displacing people - otherwise we have no problem with ordinary people. Everyone is respected. ... We declare this in a loud voice," he said.
Posted 9/25/06

Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies <- I wonder if they would provide cross necklaces to Christian cabbies????? Something's REAL wrong with this sort of thinking, don't you agree???
Police worry about Kansas City 'catering' to Islamic rituals
Posted 5/1/07

'Allah is a tormentor'
Saudi journalist was taught supreme being 'punishes and never forgives'
Posted 2/22/07

Allah will take over Vatican
Sheik rejects pope's gestures to Muslims, calls for holy war against 'this little racist'
Posted 9/25/06

Al-Qaida deputy urges Americans to convert to Islam
"Our brother Azzam the American is trying to lead his own from obscurity towards the light. Listen to him," insisted Zawahiri, who wore a white tunic and turban.
Posted 9/4/06

Al-Qaida releases new video:Americans invited to convert
California terror-group member, al-Zawahiri issue call to Islam
Posted 9/4/06

Ancient religions clash in modern Iran
It's one of the world's oldest religions, but Zoroastrianism is treated with suspicion by Iran's Islamic state, writes Robert Tait
Posted 10/5/06 

Arab leader: Muslims will rule Jerusalem
Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah tells rally of 50,000 in Umm al-Fahm: Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate sooner than is thought; says Sharon, Katsav, Clinton punished by Allah for wanting to divide al-Aqsa mosque site
Posted 9/19/06

Are Muslim Youth Distancing From Religion?
Are Muslim youth in urban India junking their religion for fear of being branded as terrorists? While many stressed out Muslims, weary of being targeted or racially profiled, are increasingly taking to spirituality and seeking solace in religion, educated youth are today consciously or unconsciously distancing from Islam to showcase their secular credentials.
Posted 9/26/06

AUDIO: Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK
Across town from the site of the recent attempted car-bomb attacks, several thousand Muslims gathered in front of the London Central Mosque to applaud fiery preachers prophesying the overthrow of the British government – a future vision that encompasses an Islamic takeover of the White House and the rule of the Quran over America. Hear the audio at now!
Posted 7/11/07 

Australian Muslims outraged at 'Judeo-Christian' tradition
MUSLIMS are outraged that prospective citizens will have to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian tradition as the basis of Australia's values system.
Posted 5/21/07

Baptist says Muslims want to conquer U.S. <- Actually, the WORLD, not just the U.S.!
Posted 11/7/06

Bauer: Evil of Islamo-fascism evident in U.S., Israel
American Values president Gary Bauer has told the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) conference in Washington, DC, that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are under attack from a "sick" and "evil" philosophy that is behind the terror campaign currently being waged against Israel.
Posted 8/6/07

Boy slave 'crucified' by Sudanese Muslim
Now a youth, he tells Voice of the Martyrs he's forgiven attacker
Posted 9/29/06

Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US'
In an article on Islamists headlined "Kashmir on the Thames", the New Republic painted Britain's Muslim communities as a breeding ground for violent extremism.
Posted 8/30/06

Buddhist woman burned alive in Muslim south Thailand
YALA, Thailand, April 11 (Reuters) - A Buddhist woman was shot and burned alive in Thailand's violence-torn Muslim-majority south on Wednesday, prompting angry protests in front of visiting army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin.
Posted 4/12/07

Bush backs off 'Islamic fascists' <- Oh, PLEASE!!!
Tones down war rhetoric to appease Muslim
Posted 9/4/06

Bush empowering terrorists, charges vocal Muslim critic
President Bush is undermining criticism vital to the survival of Western civilization and empowering terrorist leaders by proclaiming Islam a "religion of peace," says one of the most outspoken critics to emerge from the Muslim world in recent years.
Posted 11/20/06

Bush’s Favorite Muslim Fanatic
When is a moderate Muslim not a moderate Muslim? How about if he is an employee of a Saudi Wahhabi organization that has been identified by the Senate Finance Committee as one of a long list of Islamic charities that “finance terrorism and perpetuate violence”?
Posted 6/20/07

Call To Bridge West-Muslim Divide
A cross-cultural group of 20 prominent world figures has called for urgent efforts to heal the growing divide between Muslim and Western societies. They say the chief causes of the rift are not religion or history, but recent political developments, notably the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Posted 11/14/06 

Calls for calm as militants threaten to kill the Pope / additional reporting
THE Vatican tried to appease Muslim anger over the Pope’s remarks on Islam yesterday, as protests continued and a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda vowed to kill the pontiff.
Posted 9/20/06

Chief Muslim Contends that Moses, Jesus 'really prophets of Islam'
Posted 3/16/07

Children's foreheads slashed in Muslim saint's name <- How terrifying for those children!!!
Posted 2/1/07

Christian arrested for visiting Mecca
When Saudi authorities discovered a man working in Mecca was a Christian -- thanks to a new fingerprinting system -- they immediately arrested him, highlighting the desert kingdom's law barring non-Muslims from the Islamic holy city.
Posted 5/28/07

Christian-Arab Predicts World Islam Takeover - Unless..
"When will you Westerners realize that half-measures don't work with people who are willing to die by the thousands for Allah to achieve their goal?" This was the upshot of a recent conversation between a Holocaust survivor living in Herzliya and a Christian-Arab living in the Galilee.
Posted 3/20/07

Creation vs. Darwin takes Muslim twist in Turkey
Posted 11/27/06

Crisis Shows Pope Fallibility: Yusuf Islam <- Well DUH!!!
Now-Yusuf Islam says conflict with Muslims calls into question Catholic theolology
Posted 9/26/06

Danish TV shows cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed
Danish state TV on Friday aired amateur video footage showing young members of the anti-immigrant Danish Peoples' party engaged in a competition to draw humiliating cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
Posted 10/9/06

Dutch hospital plans for Muslims only
Plans for a Muslim-only hospital in the Netherlands have sparked a heated debate over its separate all-male and all-female wings, halal food and roster of duty imams.
Posted 10/9/06

Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe
Four canceled performances of a Mozart opera have reignited an anxious and heated debate in Europe over free speech, self-censorship and Islam.
Posted 9/28/06

Follow God Or Vanish, Ahmadinejad Tells West
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned Western leaders to follow the path of God or "vanish from the face of the earth". "These oppressive countries are angry with us ... a nation that on the other side of the globe has risen up and proved the shallowness of their power," Ahmadinejad said in a speech in the northern town of Ramsar, the semi-official news agency Mehr reported Wednesday.
Posted 12/7/06

French critic of Islam flees threats
PARIS A public high school philosophy teacher and writer who attacked the Prophet Muhammad and Islam in a newspaper commentary has gone into hiding under police protection after receiving a series of death threats, including one diffused on a radical Islamist online forum.
Posted 10/3/06

French philosophy teacher in hiding after attack on Islam
Muhammad was "a merciless warlord, a looter, a mass-murderer of Jews and a polygamist".
Posted 10/5/06

Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion
"Christianity is not a faith for people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Other people who are not sons of Israel have nothing to do with that religion," he said at the prayer meeting, held to mark the birth of the prophet Mohammed.
Posted 4/2/07

Gazans warn pope to accept Islam
Citing the words of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim religious leaders in the Gaza Strip on Sunday warned Pope Benedict XVI that he must "accept" Islam if he wanted to live in peace.
Posted 9/20/06

Gunmen Slay Italian Nun In Somali Capital
Gunmen shot and killed an elderly Italian nun at a children's hospital in the Islamist-controlled Somali capital amid outrage over Pope Benedict XVI's comments about Islam, witnesses said.
Posted 9/18/06

Human Rights Council Asked To Address Pope's Remarks
Islamic countries today asked the UN Human Rights Council to examine the question of religious tolerance, saying that Pope Benedict’s remarks on Islam threaten to alienate Muslims from the West.
Posted 9/20/06

Information on Islam
Many Christians accept the Muslim claim that we both worship the same God. They claim that they call him Allah, while we call him God. It is not unusual to hear Christian leaders make such statements. Bible societies have even gone so far as to use the name Allah in the Bibles they produce for Arab Christians.

Iran-Syria good model for Islamic countries: VP
Iran First Vice-President referring to good level of cooperation between Iran and Syria said such appropriate level of our bilateral ties could serve as model for other Islamic countries, IRNA reported.
Posted 3/19/07

Iran Seminaries Shut In Protest At Pope Remarks
Religious seminaries across Iran shut to stage protests over remarks by Pope Benedict XVI that linked Islam to violence, as the hardline press scented signs of an Israeli-US plot.
Posted 9/18/06

Iranian Leader Urges More Papal Protests
CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida in Iraq warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that its war against Christianity and the West will go on until Islam takes over the world, and Iran's supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff's remarks on Islam.
Posted 9/19/06

Iraq's most violent Ramadan ends in bloodshed
Posted 10/24/06

Islam is Evil
The Pope publicizes a 14th century Catholic letter calling Mohammed and his movement evil, and Islam responds with... evil. Churches burn throughout Israel, and Islam vows more - is Islam going to war against Catholicism?
Posted 9/19/06

Islam is Taking a Grip on Europe
WETZLAR — Islam is slowly but surely taking a grip on the European culture, warns the German journalist and university lecturer Udo Ulfkotte. Traditional values, customs and judicial standards are gradually customized to meet Muslim requirements.
Posted 3/14/07

'Islam is taking over Europe'
"Islam itself is the problem. Islam is a violent religion," he told The Daily Telegraph. "The Prophet Mohammed was a violent man. The Koran is mostly a violent book. We should invest in Muslim people but they have to first get rid of half the Koran and half of their beliefs," he said.
Posted 3/5/07

Islam's Global War against Christianity
From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim world, the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder that are so widespread and systematic that it can rightfully be called the new Holocaust. This time, however, the perpetrators of this Holocaust aren't wearing swastikas, but kufi skull caps and hijabs.
Posted 8/6/07

Islamic exhortations to violence defended
Authorities investigate sermons supporting jihad, martyrdom
Posted 1/25/07

Islamic militia to open 'holy war' camps in Somalia
The hard-line Islamic militia that controls much of southern Somalia said Tuesday it will open training camps in schools to prepare students for holy war, an ominous development amid fears that a Taliban-style regime is emerging in eastern Africa.
Posted 9/20/06

Islamic Movement Initiates Effort to Flood Temple Mount
Salah expressed his conviction that Jerusalem will fall into Muslim hands by "Heavenly promise." He also said that in such a conquest, no sign of a Jewish presence will remain.
Posted 5/14/07

Islamic Rule Good for Christians, Jews, Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' Creator Says
Comment by John Terry of Revelation Files:
This is a disturbing (but eye-opening look) at the future plans of world domination being planned by Islam.  Their children are being indoctrinated to take control of the earth and to establish a global Islamic Caliphate (rule).  If the people in Washington DC have any lingering doubts as to the future plans of the so-called “peaceful” Islamic nations like Iran and Syria, then this article should serve as a wake-up call.  Hitler used similar tactics with the youth of Germany and in a very short season, raised up an army that very nearly conquered the world.  This time, their army is global in scope and their zeal and commitment to their cause is even greater, as it is an integral part of their religion (not just an allegiance to a charismatic figure like Hitler). And should a mystical figure soon rise to power, like the Mahdi (the Islamic counterpart to the antichrist), Muslims around the globe will rally by the millions to the cause of having Islam rule the world, and opposing all who stand in the way of Islamic global domination without hesitation.  Why? When your religion teaches that your own death (while perpetuating acts of violence against your enemy) guarantees you a special place in “heaven”, then followers are eager and willing to respond in great numbers.
Posted 5/17/07

Islamists capture key Somali port
The last port in southern Somalia outside the control of the Islamic Courts (UIC) movement has fallen to the militants without a shot being fired.
Posted 9/26/06

THE ISLAMOBILE - Allah's Mobile Information Point
Concerned about Islam's image problem in much of the Western world, some Muslims in Germany have come up with a solution -- The Islamobile. But the mobile information station also raises new questions.
Posted 9/18/06

Islamophobia Worst Form of Terrorism, Islamic Foreign Ministers Say Welcome to OUR world!!!
The ministers described Islamophobia as a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims. They accused Western media of misrepresenting Islam and Muslims worldwide, according to a report in Arab News.
Posted 5/21/07

Israel & Jerusalem Facts (Thank you, Marianne Haworth, for sharing this with us!)

Israeli Sheikh: Temple Mount is Entirely Islamic
Responding to a plan to build a synagogue on Judaism's most sacred site, Sheikh Raad Salah warns that the entire complex is Moslem. Islam was founded 550 years after the Jewish Temple was destroyed.
Posted 11/10/06 

Jesus-vs.-Allah dispute engulfs 12-year-old girl
A 12-YEAR-OLD Scottish girl at the centre of a custody battle said today that her British mother had tried to convert her from Islam against her will.
Posted 9/5/06

Level Of Alert In Italy Raised Fearing Attack On Pope
Italian Interior Ministry instructed the police in the country to raise the level of security to be ready for any potential attempts to harm Pope Benedict XVI.
Posted 9/18/06

Love rumour sparks religious clash in Egypt
Groups of Egyptian Muslims set fire to Christian-owned shops in southern Egypt after hearing rumours of a love affair between a Muslim woman and a Coptic Christian man, security sources and a witness said yesterday.
Posted 2/21/07

Moderate Europeans losing faith in Islam
Europe appears to be crossing an invisible line regarding its Muslim minorities: More people in the political mainstream are arguing that Islam cannot be reconciled with European values.
Posted 10/13/06

Mosque plans reveal German integration challenge
Plans to build a new mosque in the historical German city of Cologne have divided the local community and highlighted the wider issue of integrating Muslims across the country.
Posted 7/16/07

Mufti Calls on Muslims to Conquer Jerusalem
Ikrama Sabri, a preacher in the Al-Aksa mosque and Mufti of Jerusalem, called on all Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and “the rest of Palestine which is under Zionist occupation.” Sabri warned that any Muslim or Muslim government who did not work to conquer these lands would be committing a sin.
Posted 3/21/07

Music video: 'Martyrs' get paradise with maidens
Palestinian TV encourages suicide attack of Jewish 'monkeys and pigs'
Posted 9/21/06 

Muslim girl stoned to death for loving wrong boy
A horrifying video showing a 17-year-old Kurdish girl being stoned to death for having a relationship with a Sunni Muslim boy has made its way onto the Web, drawing outrage and condemnation from international human rights groups.
Posted 5/7/07

Muslim leaders bemoan US "Islamophobia" since 9/11
American Muslims still face high levels of hatred and suspicion nearly five years after the Sept. 11 attacks and political leaders and the news media are mostly to blame, Muslim leaders said on Friday.
Posted 9/4/06

Muslim leaders demand apology for Pope's 'medieval' remarks
Pope Benedict XVI was last night facing angry demands from Muslims that he apologise for a speech in which he appeared to say the concept of jihad was "unreasonable" and quoted a medieval ruler who said Muhammad's innovations were "evil and inhuman". Protests swept across the Islamic world and the furore threatened a scheduled visit by the Pope to Turkey.
Posted 9/18/06

Muslim nations must have nukes: Mahathir
Muslim nations in the Middle East should arm themselves with nuclear weapons to deter Western enemies from attacking them, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said. "They should have tanks, warplanes, warships, guns and missiles," Mahathir said.
Posted 9/18/06

Muslim rips down tribute to 9/11 hero
26-year-old screams, 'This is political,' as officer's cross memorial destroyed
Posted 10/5/06

Muslim stabs wife when daughter becomes Christian
'If children fail, the mother is at fault and will bear the brunt of the blame'
Posted 10/17/06

Muslims agree it was wrong to silence Mozart opera
German opera chiefs who cancelled a Mozart opera for fear of offending Muslims were hit by a furious backlash yesterday. The country's leader Angela Merkel condemned the decision as 'self-censorship out of fear' - and even Muslim leaders apparently agreed the show should be reinstated.
Posted 9/29/06

Muslims 'from space' claim immunity from U.S. laws
Four men claiming diplomatic immunity as members of a "indigenous nation" that includes people from "the so-called planet Earth" and other planets such as Mars and Venus have been arrested and called frauds this week by Trenton police.
Posted 3/20/07

Muslims solidifying Temple Mount takeover
Olmert OKs Islamic prayer tower, but denies Jewish plans for synagogue
Posted 02/20/07

Muslims tell at least five big lies (by Stan Goodenough)
Posted 7/9/07

Muslims Want Further Apology From Pope
"So far, we consider the apology of the Vatican Pope insufficient,"
Posted 9/20/06

Opera withdrawn over Islamist threat
Indignation erupted across Germany’s political spectrum on Tuesday after a renowned opera house said it had dropped a controversial production of Mozart’s Idomeneo from its programme because it feared becoming a target of Islamist extremists.
Posted 9/28/06

Pakistani Clerics, Scholars Want Pope Removed
About 1,000 clerics and religious scholars at a meeting in eastern Pakistan demanded the removal of the pope for making "insulting remarks" against Islam, and warned the West of severe consequences if it didn't change its stance regarding Islam.
Posted 9/25/06

Palestinians attack more West Bank churches
Palestinians attacked more churches in the occupied West Bank on Sunday in reaction to parts of a speech made by Pope Benedict that referred to Islam, witnesses said.
Posted 9/19/06

Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society
A recent ruling in Germany by a judge who cited the Koran underscores the dilemma the country faces in reconciling Western values with a growing immigrant population. A disturbing number of rulings are helping to create a parallel Muslim world in Germany that is welcoming to Islamic fundamentalists.
Posted 4/3/07

Politicians hog-wild over Islamic prayers in city square
Norwegian anti-immigration politicians in Bergen have promised to chase off Muslims with pigs feet and squealing noises if Bergen's central square is used for prayers.
Posted 3/2/07

Pope accuses Muslim extremists of inciting anti-Christian feelings
An official Vatican journal has accused Muslim fundamentalist of using Pope Benedict's controversial remarks on Islam to incite anti-Christian feeling.
Posted 10/9/06

Pope in 'Crusader conspiracy' with Bush
The Gaza imam said the only Christian-Muslim dialogue that is acceptable is one in which "all religions agree to convert to Islam."
Posted 9/28/06

Pope Makes Additions to Text on Islam
Pope Benedict XVI has taken another step to placate anger in the Islamic world over his remarks on holy war, making additions to his original text affirming that a quotation from a 14th century Byzantine emperor was not his personal opinion.
Posted 10/11/06

The Pope must die, say Muslims
A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution.
Posted 9/19/06

Predominantly Muslim States & Their Flags (compared to the Horses of Revelation 6!!!)
I've read quite a few articles by various Christian authors lately that have commented on the fact that the flags of most predominantly Muslim states seem to contain some, if not all, of the colors of the HORSES mentioned in Revelation 6.  I thought I would find these states and list their flags for you.  It IS eerie!!!
Posted 9/4/06

Prince Charles Says Problems Of World Could Be Solved Following The Teaching Of Islam
Posted 11/7/06

'Proof' Temple Mount 'belongs to Muslims'
Head custodian says site will never be returned to Jewish sovereignty
Posted 2/2/07

Protests at Taverner's Allah in cathedral / glorifies Allah
The premiere of a work by the leading composer Sir John Taverner in Westminster Cathedral next week has provoked discord because it glorifies the Muslim deity Allah. Traditionalist Roman Catholics are planning to converge on the cathedral on Tuesday evening to protest over the work, which includes the singing of the 99 names of Allah.
Posted 6/18/07

Quran vs. Bible in North Carolina court
Lawsuit Argues Other Religious Texts Should Be Allowed Besides Bibles For Taking Oaths In Court
Posted 5/10/07

Ramadan prayers caused American deaths in Iraq'
Palestinian preachers, terrorists call record casualties 'gift from Allah,' emboldened by calls for withdrawal
Posted 11/1/06 

"Religion of Peace Demonstration" in London, England <- VERY sobering pictures!!!
Posted 9/4/06

Right On: The straightforward arithmetic of jihad
In a poll conducted five months ago, and broadcast on Britain's Channel 4 TV, nearly 25% of British Muslims said the July 7, 2005, terror bombings in London, which killed 52 innocent commuters, were justified. Another 30% said they would prefer to live under strict Islamic Sharia law rather than England's democratic system.
Posted 2/1/07

Salah: Caliph will sit in Jerusalem
Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah tells rally of 50,000 in Umm al-Fahm: Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate sooner than is thought; says Sharon, Katsav, Clinton punished by Allah for wanting to divide al-Aqsa mosque site
Posted 9/18/06

Sharia law is spreading as authority wanes
Islamic sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in parts of Britain, a report claims.
Posted 11/30/06

Sheik says it's OK to kill children in battle
MUSLIM leader has told his students that it is "obligatory" for all Muslims to engage in jihad if an Islamic country is under attack, even if it means killing the enemy's children.
Posted 5/10/07

Somali cleric calls for pope's death
A HARDLINE cleric linked to Somalia's powerful Islamist movement has called for Muslims to "hunt down" and kill Pope Benedict XVI for his controversial comments about Islam.
Posted 9/18/06

Somali Islamists declare 'jihad' on Ethiopia
Posted 10/10/06

Somalia: Dead American Soldier Dragged Through Streets - WARNING: Graphic Photo!
Posted 12/5/06

Somalia Official Issues Beheading Threat
MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Residents of a southern Somalia town who do not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an Islamic courts official said Wednesday, adding the edict will be implemented in three days.
Posted 12/7/06

Spain publishes primer on Islam for 6-year-olds in public schools
Spain has devised a school textbook it calls unique in Europe — a primer for Muslim first-graders to learn about Islam but do so in the local language and thus not feel like outsiders, officials said Wednesday.
Posted 10/20/06 

Spaniards tone down exploding Mohammed at fiestas
Spanish villages are toning down traditional fiestas in which revelers blow up dummies representing the Prophet Mohammed for fear of offending Muslims, the newspaper El Pais reported on Monday.
Posted 10/3/06

"The Spirit of Islam & the Last Days" (by Spirit Journals)
The last great conflict to grip the world, which will bring about the deaths of possibly several billion people, will be that of the Antichrist.  The Antichrist will be heralded as one who has solved the “Jewish problem,” yet in his evil mind, the solution to that “problem,” will be the same solution as Adolph Hitler desired, namely the annihilation of every Jew on the Planet. The Antichrist’s efforts will reach their highest point at the Battle of Armageddon, and he will come close to completing his goal, only being stopped by the brightness of the Lord’s coming which will take place at that very time! The way the world is being prepared for the advent of the Antichrist involves the rise of Islam.
Posted 8/28/06

Suicide bombers follow Quran,concludes Pentagon briefing
Tasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts find terrorists 'rational actors' following 'holy book'
Posted 9/29/06

Supermosque for 70,000 ‘will be blocked’
Backers want the £300 million mosque, in east London, to serve as a reception centre for athletes and fans from Islamic countries during the 2012 games.
Posted 2/21/07

Thai Buddhist beheaded
A 72-year-old Buddhist rice miller was beheaded in Thailand's rebellious Muslim south on Thursday in an apparent retaliation for a bomb attack on a village tea shop owned by Muslims, police said.
Posted 2/9/07

Thousands Rally Against Pope in Mideast
Thousands of Muslim worshippers staged marches against Pope Benedict XVI in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza on Friday, waving green Hamas banners and denouncing him as a "coward" and an "agent of the Americans."
Posted 9/25/06

UK poll shows increase in fear of Islam
A majority of people in the UK fear Islam as a religion, not only its extremist elements, and a growing number feel that the country faces "a Muslim problem," a new survey has revealed.
Posted 8/28/06

The unholy past of the Muslim cleric demanding the Pope's execution
. . . call for the execution of the Pope as punishment for 'insulting Islam'. He fulminated against Pope Benedict XVl, adding: "Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment."
Posted 9/20/06

UZBEKISTAN: Government clamps down on religious freedom
Uzbekistan is clamping down on religious groups, with congregations closed, harsh penalties for unregistered religious activity and activists deported, Forum 18, a religious freedom watchdog, says.
Posted 9/7/06

'Western Wall really a post for Muhammad's horse'
Palestinian TV broadcasting messages denying Jewish connection to holy site
Posted 10/23/06

Why Johnny is reading Islamist propoganda
Critics charge Muslim radicals determining textbook content
Posted 10/27/06

World Watch: Updates on the Global Church
Muslim High School Students Beat Their Teacher to Death
Posted 4/3/07