Your Mama Will Be So Proud


When Yeshua comes to take us Home,
when we meet Him in the clouds,
when we say hello to loved ones,
your Mama will be so proud.

She'd prayed for you so many years,
but thought you were still lost;
I'm sure she shed many a tear,
for your life was so storm-tossed.

But you have changed so much since then,
since you gave your life to Christ;
when next you see her smiling face,
she'll be pleasantly surprised!

Then you will both have eternity
to speak of days or yore,
and walk the streets of gold with her,
through Heaven's open door.

Happy birthday, precious man!  With my eternal love & devotion!


January 13, 2006

NOTE FROM ME: I believe the photo that makes up the background was taken in the late 70's or early 80's, and his Mama passed away in 1990. Richard and I didn't meet until 1996, so I look SO very forward to meeting her when she is resurrected and we are Raptured!!!